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A few weeks ago, Fabien interviewed a young woman whom had been made redundant by a competitor in Dubai because this company had shut their Dubai office.  As I was in Fabien’s office when she arrived, I got to meet her.

This recruit commented when we met, “ooooooohhhhh….you used to work for Marcus Evans…” and it was obvious by her tone that she was being extremely negative.

Because she had such a strong opinion of this company, I assumed she had worked there –but  I was surprised to discover she had never worked at M.E. –  never even visited one of their offices.

I was annoyed at her negativity so I told her:   Marcus Evans is probably 30-50 times more wealthy than her previous CEO — not to mention his company is easily 5 times bigger than her former one, and her former company is 10+ years older than M.E.

Marcus must be doing something right.



The most loyal readers of this blog are people who were once very close to me, but unfortunately things did not work out for them at naseba – irronically, many of my most loyal victims once told me “I will never let you down….”
Now most of these people sit around moaning…..

From my experience, investing so much of my personal time, energy and money in more cases than not, created people who just expected … and when they were required to make it happen, they turned into victims and it was my or naseba’s fault that they failed.

Just yesterday – we discovered an employee who was treated like family by fabien and sophie, stole our company stamp and used it to book his friend, (a previous staff ) a visa, airplane and hotel to New Zealand.  I am concerned we will discover even more fraud committed by this young man.
Surely this kid will be another naseba victim.  It will some how be my fault that he stole the company stamp and forged a letter and booked a hotel and airplane ticket for his friend…

Or my favorite story … a previous staff, although he no longer worked for naseba, I defended when he was accused of a horrific, heinous crime … I defended him to everyone in naseba as well as to many others (I even did a blog defending this person)  … not to mention, when he moved on, he sent me an email thanking me for how well the company took care of him over the 18 months he worked here.
Now he works for someone who stole one million dollars from me and he personally spreads lies about naseba.  Absolutely incredible….


On my flight from Shanghai to Dubai last night, I sat next to an american whose daughter had recently been fired from a major software company in California …. she had worked for this company for 8 years, but apparently her new boss did not like her, thus she was fired.

For at least two hours of this flight, I had to listen to how unfair it was …. how her boss was to blame.

…He became very angry and finally stopped talking to me when I said — “But bosses don’t terminate super dynamic people who are adding great value to the company….”

And I added:  “but she can do like many people I have termianted….she can go around pretending she quit because she didn’t like her job or the company.”

Each “Ode to M.E.” has been written after great reflection as a way to hopefully have a positive impact on the reader.

I have tried to challenge the readers to reflect and not behave like victims when things do not go their way and not become a total bitch.

Marcus once told me “you care too much about your teams; you are too generous with them.  ‘They’ don’t give a shit about ‘you’….”

I realize now he was not talking just about “my teams” nor about “me” …. he was talking about human nature in general.

Where is John Galt?


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