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ode to positive thought III: reflecting on mistakes

I could write for days on all the mistakes that I have made in my life…

I got kicked out of high school my freshman year for fighting and having a bad attitude.  The day I discovered that I was kicked out – I instantly, reflected and told myself that if I had another chance …. I would not f… it up.

I looked at my bad moment as an opportunity – and I focused on the positive that I could gain by moving to a new school and new beginning.

When I joined my new high school – I ensured that I did not make the same mistake, and overall positive attitude at my new school was a much better fit and things worked out for the best.

In university – my freshman year, because I was completely drunk, I fell a bit more than 4 stories – broke my arm, hand, leg, multi-skull frastructures, was in a coma for many days – nearly died, but more amazingly did not break my neck.

I took a year off university to rehabilitate – and when I finally got back to school, I focused on learning from my mistake.  I quit drinking and focused on studying and making my life happen – I used my accident to help me become a better person.

When I got pushed out of M.E. … as stated many times throughout this blog, I could have spent my life feeling sorry for myself – however, I reflected on all the mistakes I made and changed my behavior to ensure that I did not make the same mistakes again.

The truth is that all the mistakes that I mention above all made me smarter; stronger; and more focused because I reflected on each mistake – and worked at not making the same mistake again …

The major difference in my life today compared to 6+ years ago is that I always focus on being positive – no matter what happens, I try and look at mistakes/negatives as learning experiences.

… surely, we will make mistakes, but I sincerely believe the secret is learning from the mistake – NOT focusing on the negative, but working at changing the behavior or actions that led to the mistake.


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