where is John Galt?

Yesterday “breaking news” interrupted my news program and informed the world that Angelina Jolie has checked into a hospital in Nice, France.

Oddly enough, the same hospital where my daughter was born 4 years ago…

But anyway…

We live in a world today where our television programs are completely interrupted by the biggest 24 hour news television channel in the world to inform us that a woman who has no impact whatsoever on the global economy nor geo-politics has checked into a hospital to have a child.

Although Angelina Jolie is gorgeous, this woman has achieved nothing in life other than being the daughter of someone famous, thus getting a short cut to the middle of the movie industry mountain….a mountain that she has successfully climbed to nearly the summit.

Personally, I am a fan of Angelina Jolie … and I can even brag to my friends that 6 years ago, or so, I sat in an empty restaurant in Beaulieu, France with just Brad Pitt sitting uncomfortably at the table directly in front of me (he was with a gorgeous woman who was not his wife at the time)


It is unfortunate that the world we live in today allows the media to focus, and some what control our attention and concerns ……

The birth of two movie star’s children …. Has become so important to us that it takes precedence over focusing on finding solutions to the mess in Iraq or all the problems associated with subprime crisis in America….just to name a couple major issues…

But to me what is much more discouraging is that for many, many, many, hearing about Jolie’s birth is more important to them than hearing about –brilliant achievement– performance of several exceptional athletes at the Olympic trials currently taking place this week in America. (Although several world records were broken, the Olympic trials was not even on the first page of CNN’s site)

Where is John Galt?

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