ode to the greatness in man…

Peerless:  having no equals; unsurpassed.

The American swimming Olympic trials just finished last night…. although 99% of the readers of this blog most probably have no interest in swimming, I want to point out something….

Michael Phelps qualified first in 8 different events – he is without arguement; without question the greatest “athlete” of recent times.  He has a great chance to win 8 gold medals in Beijing.

Dara Torres qualified first in two individual events, the 50 and 100 free style – Dara is 41 years old.

The headline news in america on CNN:  “suicide bombing kills two; A-Rod is getting divorced; mine collapse in China; gun man kill UN official in Somalia; Quake panda gives birth…”

There is no mention of the extraordinary achievements of these two individuals on the main page of any international news sites …. but a baseball players wife filing for divorce is number two and three headline on three different news sites.

I understand that most people do not follow swimming…. nor do most people understand the incredible achievements of Phelps — winning 8 gold medals – and breaking several world records is impressive, but Dara Torres coming out of retirement at age 39 to race in the most competitve races in swimming (50 and the 100) and two years later winning the olympic trials at 41 is remarkable — in my opinion Darra and Phelps performance are the two all time greatest achievements of any amateur athlete in my life time.

However….our media (our world) focuses entirely on negative issues.

It is dispicable that 3 different news sites have A-Rod (a famous american baseball player) wife filing for divorce as a major headline – but no mention of the greatness of Dara or Phelps.

I guarantee if Phelps had failed at qualifying, or been arrested for something stupid he would have made front page news on all news sites…

Where is John Galt?


One thought on “ode to the greatness in man…

  1. “Darra and Phelps performance are the two all time greatest achievements of any mature athelete in my life time”

    What Phelps did is huge, but it was “only” the US trials. And he actually won 5, not 8, since his other 3 qualifications for Beijing are the relays. He will then compete in 8 events this summer, which will give him a chance to break the record of most gold medals in one olympics games. But sor far, Mark Spitz remains the best with 7 gold medals in 1972.
    But for sure, that was a while ago. Then, do you remember Greg Louganis’ performance in 1988 ?..

    And regarding Darra, winning 50 and 100 at the age of 41 is for sure impressive. But at the same time, Jeannie Longo won both in-line and against the time races in the last french cycling championships 10 days ago. These were her 53rd and 54th national titles that go along 14 world titles. And Jeannie Longo will blow 50 candles in october…

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