ode to the greatness in man II

One of the major headlines on all the news websites over the past few days has something to do with the new Batman movie and Heath Ledger’s “brilliant” performance.

Many critics are gushing that Heath should win an acadamy award for his performance as “the joker.”

Jan 2008, Heath Ledger overdosed on 6 different prescription drugs….a combination of pain killers and anti-anxity medicine.

Heath was 28 years old when he died…. He was handsome.  He was a successful actor.  He was rich.  He had a beautiful 2 year old daughter…..

Yet Heath needed to take 6 different forms of prescription drugs to cope with all the stress in his life.

A soldier in Iraq who has only a few nickles to rub together, who has been forced to do 4 tours and does not know when he is going home — A single mother in Alabama whose 25 year old husband has recently been killed in afganistan — A 40 year old worker at GM with 3 kids who just got layed off and no longer has an income — the thousands of families that recently lost their homes (lost everything) due to massive flooding in the midwest….  (just to name a few)

In my opinion, the above are examples of people experiencing stressful situations.

The world we live in today … we constantly shadow true greatness because we are so busy trying to lift up mediocrity.

How can the media in america suggest that someone who accidentally dies of a drug overdose because he mixed 6 prescription drugs is worthy of being nominated for something that celebrates greatness?

Where is John Galt?


2 thoughts on “ode to the greatness in man II

  1. Voice of Reason sent me this email: i wish to respond so i post it in the comments section for him.

    actually ledger as the joker was really, really brilliant. best villan i have seen in a long time. no joke (pun intended), he was pretty amazing. made the movie for me. him killing himself is just an interesting and somewhat sad byline.

    winning an oscar is about an actor’s performance on screen, not what he or she does off. it’s not a ‘let’s feel good about everything’ award. it’s an acting award.

    would you still pay a sales person his commission on a big deal even if he did something you didnt agree with out of the office? of course you would, he sold. same thing here.

    your blog is a guilty of an ad hominem here: hsi performacne and his suicide are mutually exclusive. to deride one because of the otehr makes no sense. Hemingway off’d himself but that doesnt detract from his body of work nor should we question why he was awarded the nobel prize. This award (like the oscar) celebrates the greatness in that field. that’s what counts.

  2. Maybe i have become numb from all the silly media focused attention/stories about the troubles of spoiled actors and actresses…

    Irrespective of Ledger’s performance – the Oscars are meant to celebrate “greatness” and in my humble opinion…when someone “accidentally dies” from taking 6 different prescribe drugs… drugs that he takes to help him deal with his “stress” — is someone short of greatness, if not disqualifies him from being judged for his greatness. (but again – this is just my opinion)

    In all seriousness…there was a time 10-20 years ago where this would be the case — people like this would have been black listed by the media. This was the time BEFORE the western world (driven by america) celebrated mediocrity in the ways it celebrates mediocrity today.

    As for your comments on Hemingway (my 2nd favorite author) He was awarded the nobel prize in 1954, 7 years before he commited suicide.

    Hemingway off’d himself (as you put it) because he could not live life in the same masculine; make it happen manner in which he was accustomed to living. He did not kill himself because he could not handle stress…and he chose the most masculin way he could do it, with a sawed off hunting shot gun.

    Maybe my blog yesterday was a bit rushed and my point is convoluted … however…. Instead of “victimizing” spoiled actors/actresses….let us hear stories of greatness of men & women making positive things happen.

    Why doesn’t the media focus our attention on all the positive, great achievements that are happening by people in the world???

    Where is John Galt?

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