games people play…

Yesterday, one of my investors organized a meeting in our Dubai office with one of his friends, someone who is the ceo of a new small/medium sized corporate finance house in Dubai.

I did not ask to meet these people/company – but my investor thinks that maybe naseba and this company can do something together in the future.

I was scheduled to be in Abu Dhabi in the morning – so I had to reorganize my schedule to ensure I was in Dubai for this meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was essentially to introduce me, Sophie and Fabien to the ceo and his marketing/business development person, a lebanese women.

As I was introducing naseba, our history, what we do, etc. I noticed the woman was playing with her mobile phone and trying to make us all understand that she is not interested in what I had to say.  She played with her mobile phone the entire 90 minute meeting.

I want to reitterate:  I did not ask to meet these people…I was not trying to sell them naseba…..I was not trying to convince them of anything…. I rescheduled my morning to accomodate their visit and throughout the meeting both these people were very unfriendly – and they both made it clear they did not have an interest in meeting us.

After the meeting, I was told that the woman was playing a video game on her mobile.

A complete waste of my time.

On the drive to dinner last night, Sophie commented on a few other meetings or dinners that she and I have had over the year with people that are on a completely different level ….

just a few examples….

Recently, I got to have a private lunch with one of the top 5 richest men in the UAE.  Throughout our meeting and follow up lunch, this mega wealthy and powerful sheikh was very friendly and positive – he seemed as excited to meet me as I was to meet him.

Because President Mubarak of Egypt is opening our Avex airshow in Egypt, I got to have lunch with several powerful and wealthy egyptian business men and government officials in cairo … all of these men were friendly, one of the chairmen in particular, probably the most powerful was the most friendly.

Sophie has a good friend in Monaco who is an old money, multi-billionare from one of the richest families in Europe….he drives a scooter around monaco, and he is very accessible and friendly.  The times that I have had lunch with him, of course he never played with his mobile and he never showed or acted as powerful and rich as he really is.  In fact, Sophie and I knew this man for over a year before we discovered that he is as rich as he is.

One my biggest investors – has become a good friend and mentor -although he is worth many hundreds of million euros, he is always super respectful and friendly.  Each time Sophie and I have had dinner with him and his wife or gone to his home in Amsterdam or Monaco (both shockingly impressive) he was exceptionally humble — you would have no idea he is as wealthy as he is.

Surely, these two people that came to our office yesterday wanted Sophie and I to know that they are too big; too busy to concern themselves with meeting us…

However, from my experience, if they were really as big and powerful as they acted….they would have been much more friendly.

games people play….


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