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…but you have to make life happen

Early this week, I was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and met up with a friend of mine, an American journalist who is based in Riyadh.

We got into a discussion on my blog…

In particular he said he was “inspired” by my English Channel swim challenge, but he felt I was “not properly marketing it.”

“Your writing style can gain a lot of readership – but you have to align yourself to a charity to be able to better market your English channel swim and all the other adventure challenges you are doing….”

I tried to explain…. (we have discussed this in the past so our conversation was not a new one)

I am not doing this swim to market myself.

I don’t give a damn about marketing my blog — marketing my blog would go against everything I stand for in this blog, hence, I do not allow naseba’s communication team to promote, link or market my blog in anyway.

He seemed annoyed by my response….

Once again, he tried to persuade me that I could expand my readership of this blog and gain more media interest for my various endurance challenges if I aligned myself to “a cause.”

By now I was annoyed and frustrated so sorted of shouted:  “ I AM aligned to a cause …”

“My cause” is to remind everyone:  “but, we have to make our lives happen.”

In my opinion…

Too many people waste their lives on facebook.

Too many people live vicariously through movie stars and pro-athletes.

Too many people sit around and talk about what they are going to do tomorrow…

How many people reading this have a goal or a “dream” yet have done nothing to try and go after achieving this dream?


One thought on “…but you have to make life happen

  1. Leave him along ’coz the journalist is not part of “MIH” team. He wouldn’t understand the spirit inside.

    Practice MIH into daily life!

    Final 6 days count down for the Chanel!

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