imagine being married for 70 years…

My 94 year old Grandfather, Selser Pickett is a man with an ideal, maybe perfect character.  

A real southern gentleman – from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I have never heard him curse.  I have never heard him say even one thing negative.  Never.  

My 88 year old grandmother is nearly the same. 

Yesterday, my grandparents celebrated their 70th anniversary.  

Imagine being married for 70 years…. 
Surely, their success in life and in marriage is directly linked to their positive characters.

I try my best to live a life as honorable as my grandfather. 

The major theme of this blog is my search for John Galt…

Searching for the man who is hardworking, loyal, focused, driven, stoic and most importantly – perfectly, honourable.

Searching for the man who understands that achieving success in anything takes time and focus; and understands there are no short cuts to the top of the mountain.

We live in a world today where people cheat on their wives, cheat on their friends, cheat on their companies with no concern for being honourable — the only concern is getting caught.

It’s all about “feeling good,” and that instant personal gratification.

Negativity is consuming many  (just notice today how many times people around you – maybe even yourself say something senselessly negative)

But remember – negative comments add no value to the discussion. 
Negativity adds no value to anything.


Stealing instead of earning, expecting rather than deserving. 

Again — its all about instant gratification… 

The ”It’s all about me… who cares about you” … mentality is consuming many. 

I challenge the reader to reflect and from today change …

Do you live a life of honor? 
Are you focused and driven as much as you can be?

Don’t waste your time or your friends time by speaking negatively about anything.
Focus on the positives – no matter how bad your day might get, focusing on the negatives will only make it worse.

Don’t let the losers bring you down.

Even if you are living an honorable life, try be even more honorable. 

Happy 70th anniversary to my grandparents!




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