Guest blogger Adam Fletcher

Adam Fletcher is the Generral Manager of naseba’s Kuala Lumpur office.

12 years ago, the day I met Adam in Hong Kong, he showed me a quote by Richard Branson, “as for me, I just pick up the phone and get on with it….” 

Guest bloggers …. from time to time, I will post blogs from friends or collegues which I think add value to my search for John Galt.

Adam Fletcher is a great example of someone who just picks up the phone and gets on with it … even when the going gets tough. 

If only life was as simple as climbing mountains

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work in 10 different countries and in several different industries. Along the way I’ve met several successful people, not just in business but more importantly, in life. 

The most successful of them have the same thing in common:  they engaged in the pursuit of a specific goal and then set about organising their lives to achieve it. 

However some of the friends I’m thinking of have taken a long time to achieve their goal, some of them more than 10 years. 

What sets these people apart is that they’ve stuck to the chasing their goals, they haven’t gotten distracted or bored.

They didn’t succumb to the ‘I want it now, if I can’t have it now it’s not worth it’ mentality of modern culture. 

None of them are particularly exceptional at what they do.
None of them are super intelligent or particularly gifted.

But they all them have the same thing in common — they stuck to chasing their goals and pursued them without gviing up.

Each year they get better at what they’re doing, each year they get a little luckier. 
These people literaly ‘make it happen’.
They don’t give up, they get on with it. 

You don’t have to be talented to climb mountains. 

You just need to focus on the summit and keep putting one foot in front of the other without ever giving up.

Adam Fletcher


One thought on “Guest blogger Adam Fletcher

  1. I identify with this message. While it is an analogy it does remind me of my own summit of Kilimanjaro in September last year. I went on my first ever hike in June last year and slept in a tent for the first time in August last year. Not being an experienced hiker I reached the summit.
    This was achieved due to a combination of perseverance on summit day and just putting my head down and placing one foot in front of the other until my goal was reached.
    If this approach is taken with everything in life you will find that nothing is impossible.

    I have a quote on my desk at work that drives me: “The project that scares you is the one that you need to do first.”

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