ode to Marie…

ode to Marie…

Dear Marie,

This challenge, the training leading up to it and now the hell I will surely go through for the next 12 days is my graduation present to you.

Ideally, as you begin the next step in your life, you will think back to the times you saw me committed to going after my goals I set for myself; and I trust you will reflect on the focus and preparation I gave to going after my goals to the very end.

You helped me pack my bag for Marathon des Sables, you were on the boat next to me when I swam the English channel, and you held the tape as I ran through the finish and completed my 7 ironman in 7 days challenge.

We set goals …

Then we do the necessary preparation, and action to achieve our goals.

There is no luck.

By consistent dedication, focus and practice, we make our own luck.

But often times, when we go after our goals things don’t go the way we planned.

We fall down, but we have to get back up and keep climbing.

Ideally, this challenge and the memory of all the preparation and adversity you witnessed me complete and overcome … will be something you can draw upon one day on your own climb, whatever goal or dream it is that you decide to go after.

I will think of you throughout the coming days.
I will fight like crazy to ensure I complete this goal.

But in the end, no matter what …when we say we are going to do something; or we set a goal we want to achieve —  it will come down to this simple thought:  “finish or failure.”

There is no summit half way up the mountain.

We have to make it happen.

I love you very much.


Marie is my 18 year old step daughter and one of the loves of my life.  She recently, graduated from high school and will soon move to Canada to begin university.



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