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what are you doing differently to achieve your goal this year?

what are you doing differently to achieve your goal this year?


Over the holidays, I got several messages from old high school friends … which got me thinking back to those great days.

When I reflect back, I don’t remember any parties.

Easily, the best memory I have from my high school years at Bolles is swim practice during  Christmas holiday in 1989 ….hell week of 3 x a day swim practices.

Many times since that hell week, I have dreamed back to it .. and I have craved the same feeling of achievement I felt at the end of that final practice.

A few months ago, my current coach Marko Baloh was in Dubai training with me.

Over a dinner, I told Marko and Sophie about that week back in 89’ (Sophie understands the impact it had on me and remembers the 2 hell weeks Mario gave me which helped me complete 7 ironman in 7 days)

After listening to me ramble on and on about that hell week … Marko stopped me, and said  “since your weakness in cycling is climbing, let’s do a 2 week hell training camp during your Christmas break in Gran Canaries which I promise will be the most physically challenging 2 weeks of your life.”

As it was back in August or September, it was easy for me to be excited about a 2 week hell training camp in Gran Canaries focused on climbing during Christmas holidays; at that time Christmas was several months away.

But we all got excited about it, and Sophie told me this would be her Christmas and birthday present to me .. and she confirmed her support to Marko and the next day she even booked me a house to rent for the 2 weeks in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a mountainous island of Canary islands off Africa (its part of Spain) and because of the steep, long climbs it is considered one of the best places in the world for cycle training.  Most professional cyclists come to GC during the winter months to train.

Thursday, Marko and I flew into GC.

My hell week began yesterday (Friday).  (my schedule for the next 2 weeks)


Thu       1/2/2014             travel

Fri          1/3/2014            8h                        climbing

Sat         1/4/2014            10h                      climbing

Sun        1/5/2014            8h                        climbing

Mon      1/6/2014            10h                       climbing

Tue        1/7/2014            12h                      around the island

Wed      1/8/2014            2h                         easy

Thu       1/9/2014            10h                       climbing

Fri          1/10/2014          12h                      climbing

Sat         1/11/2014          6h                        climbing

Sun        1/12/2014          10h                      climbing

Mon      1/13/2014          14h                       around the island

Tue        1/14/2014          8h                        climbing

Wed      1/15/2014          travel home

So today, over the 8 hours of hell … most of the 8 hours pure hell, I thought about this blog entry…

I am nearly 43 years old and as I type, I am lying in bed somewhere on Gran Canaria at 6pm dead tired after 8 hours of some of the steepest cycling I have ever done (including all the hell in RAAM) …

I share this blog because I think too many people are looking for easy, cushy lives too focused on living for the moment.

And since it’s the new year … and most have set goals for this year.  Think about how much you want to achieve them.

Did you set “wishes” or “goals?”

Ironically, my major goal and focus this year is work/business related, but these physical training challenges like the next 2 weeks of hell I am going to experience … keep me focused on my climb.

I am scheduled to take the family to Charmonix, France to ski for a long weekend in February and then to Cuba over Easter break … but I realized as I was training today, if I want to achieve my goals this year …
there is no time for fun breaks.

My challenge to the reader:  reflect on how you live your life today, and is the way you live it (today) going to help you achieve what you aspire in 2014?

10 hour ride begins now.


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