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the power of dishonorable achievement in our world today

On January 31st, Robert Marchand, a 102 year old French man will attempt to break his own world record for distance covered in one hour riding a bicycle.


2 years ago, when Marchand was 100 years old, he rode 100km in 4:17 averaging 23.8 km/h and set the world record for someone over 100 years old.

Think about it for second …

a 100 year old man rode a bicycle for 4 hours and 17 minutes non stop, averaging a very respectable speed.

Even if you don’t like cycling … surely, you will agree it’s an incredible achievement.

This weekend, Marchand will attempt to break his own world record for distance covered riding a bicycle in one hour.

Robert Marchand is 102 years old.

I am confident that every reader of this blog knows of other positive stories of man/woman making remarkable things happen … but we rarely, almost never hear about them.

… stories of honorable, exceptional achievement don’t make the news — because these type of stories are not interesting anymore.

Last week, just about every single global media (surely all the media in America) had a “breaking news” flash … to urgently inform us that a 19 year old “star” was arrested for drunk driving in Miami.

It seems that the media gurgled with excitement to also inform us that when this “star” was pulled over, he used the “F” word when speaking to the police officer who stopped him, and then the “star” proudly informed the police officer that on top of being drunk, he had marijuana and prescription drugs in his system.

The day after this kids arrest, anyone who reads the news (no matter where you live) was forced to see this kid’s mug shot (it was on the front page everywhere) … a mug shot in which this kid had a big grin on his face – obviously, he was excited about his achievement of getting arrested.

Just think about the massive negative influence this “star’s” dishonorable behavior is having on 100,000s of young people (especially in America) who look up to him.

When this “star” came to Dubai for his concert a few months ago … he showed up to the concert 2.5 hours late.
And it was a school night, (of course) a majority of the attendees were children who had school the next day.

Back in the ‘days of sir and ma’am’…dishonorable behavior was not tolerated.

But today … its glorified and rewarded.

Imagine how different America would be if more attention was given to stories of honorable achievement … instead of constantly focusing our attention on stories of spoiled, egomaniac, classless “stars” like Justin Bieber.

(‘back in the days of sir and ma’am’ is an expression taken from a Cormac McCarthy book)


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