We need women to save the world economy.


This week Sophie Le Ray, the CEO of naseba was interviewed on CNN to discuss women in business.  Two weeks ago, she was featured in The Huffington Post.

Sophie is considered one of the top female CEOs in the Middle East and because of her dynamic, no nonsense, make it happen style, and her success as a business woman leading a global company … she is often contacted to get her input on women in business.


A few years ago, Warren Buffett made headline news when he said, “forget the fiscal cliff, women will save the US economy.”

He was referring in part to how the talent of women and the opportunities for women to use this talent is becoming more and more plentiful.

A study by Credit Suisse published the same year found that large companies with female board members outperformed companies with all-male boards.

I won’t bore you with more facts and statistics on how much women leaders are adding to their companies and to the economy …

But as the Chairman of a company with more than 20+ nationalities of male and female employees … I see first hand the impact and importance women have on business.

This year naseba is having its best performance ever and 017 will surely be the most profitable year since the company was founded.  .

I will go as far to say … our success this year is because of several women.

Many of the best performers in all offices throughout the company … including business analysts, investor analysts, finance, credit control, PR, marketing, operations, production, and even the top sales … are women.

A good story … this year a 22 year old young woman was hired as a business analyst in our Dubai office.

I was very skeptical because this person is very young, however, Antoaneta (Toni), the senior manager overseeing the business analyst team convinced Sophie and Nic to give this young person a chance.

Toni even chased me too to ensure this young lady was hired.

Although this 22 year old is much less experienced than all the male employees on the same team, in her first 8 months, she has been the top performer in the company for 3 of those months, and one of the companies we are in the process of closing a successful 33 million Euro investment, and have signed MOU with two investors for this raising is her client.

When I look back over the years, I have been betrayed, bull shitted, black mailed, lied to, let down and robbed by many many male employees, more than I can count.

Although we have had… a couple female super spoiled babies who were more trouble to manage than the benefit they added, no female employee has ever let me down in the ways many male employees have done.

But at the end of the day, “male” or “female”….it does not matter.

All I care about are results.

The reason why we actively recruit women is because from my experience, women often outperform men – and in the long run, women often prove to be more consistent and loyal.

If you are a leader, manager, or at all involved recruiting people – I highly suggest you give more attention to that female CV.

And if you are a guy out there somewhere reading this, reflect on why your female colleagues (might) outperform you.

It’s way too complicated to try and explain “why” …

But I think it comes down to more women have consistency, drive and a hunger to learn, grow and achieve that is stronger than the average man …

Also, maybe…just maybe, too many men waste too much time pretending to be something they are not — instead of just getting on with it.


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