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“40 days and 40 nights water fast challenge” achieved and completed.

“40 days and 40 nights water fast challenge” achieved and completed.

On day 33 of my 40 days and 40-nights water fast challenge… I was flying to Cairo with Giovanna, my 14-year-old daughter.

For some reason, I went through a period of two to three days of severe insomnia … and the night before I left to travel to Cairo, I did not sleep … basically, I was awake for 40+ hours straight.
I could not sleep.

Since I travel often, I am “Platinum” Emirates frequent flyer, so I am allowed to go to the First Class lounge, even if I am not flying First class … and the First class lounge in Dubai is truly 5 star everything.  The food – the wine – everything in the Dubai lounge is amazing.

At 5am on the drive to the airport,  after being wide awake for nearly 2 days straight, I decided I was going to stop my water fast challenge, and enjoy the First class lounge then ideally sleep on the flight, and have a successful trip to Cairo with my daughter and the business meetings I had scheduled.

… within a few minutes of my mental decision to stop my fast, I received a WhatsApp message from a close friend in America who I told “it looks like I failed to achieve my 40 day fast again…” and this friend teased me, and told me how terrible I looked … and he told me “eat!!!.”

At the same time, within seconds of each other, I got a WhatsApp from Matt MacDonald, a close friend of mine who lives in Abu Dhabi, but unlike the other friend, Matt is an endurance athlete and a RAW vegan … and he is incredibly fit.

I told both these friends, seconds apart that I failed again to reach 40 days … because I was going to stop when I got to the First class lounge at the airport.

My American buddy teased me even harder and told me how I looked so bad that people will think I am dying of cancer…and we chuckled over his comments.  He really chased and encouraged me to stop my fast because he felt I looked terrible.

But — the other friend, Matt told me:  “you are only 7 days away from reaching an amazing milestone, 40 days and 40 nights water fast is something exceptional very few people can achieve …” 

Then he said – “my suggestion is to take 2 hours break and think about it, pray, meditate, and refocus … and then decide if you stop or not.  You have come so far … try not to stop now.”

The car arrived at the airport, and Giovanna and I quickly and efficiently checked-in and were in the First class lounge within 15 minutes or so of receiving these texts …

Literally, as I was walking into the lounge, fantasizing about the food and the great wine they serve, I got another teasing text from my friend in America … and he said, “man you look awful … have you eaten yet????”

… and then I got another text nearly at the same time from Matt again telling me: “you can do this.  Go to the end!”

As I read this very positive, supportive text …something clicked.   I decided instantly — I would go to the end of my challenge.

The power of positive thinking – the power of the mind.  No exaggeration — My hunger immediately disappeared and I got back my focus.

And I never had any hunger or desire to break the fast for those last 8 days.


In 2017, one of my goals was to achieve a 40 day and 40-night water fast.

I fasted 4 times over 2017 — 35, 20, 22, and 14 days over the year.  (I fasted every 3 months)

I failed the two times I tried to do 40 days and stopped at day 35 and day 22.

In 2017, Naseba had its best year since 2010 with business increasing 157% compared to 016….and I wanted to do a long fast to “thank God” and “spiritually” appreciate everything in my life…so I decided that I would do a 40 day and 40-night water fast challenge from the beginning of Jan. 018, but this time, no matter how hungry I got, I would not stop until I achieved the end.

I reiterate – I wanted to show my appreciation to God, at the same time improve my focus.

Coincidentally, My church in Dubai, “Gatekeeper’s” (www.gatekeepers.tv) the Church leader, Pastor Ben Richard encouraged and launched a “21 day fast” for the 1,000+ members of the church from the beginning of 2018 – the “fast” depended on the person doing it.  Some people gave up TV or junk food, meat, or social media – it didn’t have to be a strict “water fast” like I decided to do.

Example, Sophie’s “21 days fast“… she gave up sugar, carbohydrates and wine – and did a strict vegan diet for 21 days.  She lost 20 lbs / 9 kilos over the 21 days.

Anyone who follows my blog knows that I like “water fasting” very much … and for the past 3 years, each year, I have fasted 3-4 times over each year.

My last meal was a great dinner on January 7th — a big, enjoyable meal with great food and lots of wine with Sam, a close friend at a “fine dining” restaurant in Dubai ….

My fast was from Jan 8th – Feb 17th.

(The facial shots below: the before shot, where I am smirking is immediately after that great dinner and several glasses of wine and the “after” is right before a great bottle of wine!)

I find water fasting very mental.

The times I have wanted to water fast … and was focused on the water fast – I achieved my goal and the fast went easy.

But the couple times I half-heartedly “fasted” .. the fast did not go well, and I would end up struggling over the 20 days.

This time I planned and organized myself to ensure the best chance of success.

I purposefully gained an extra 6-10lbs … because I wanted to ensure that towards the end of the fast, I would have enough fat stores on my body …
When I tried to do 40 days last year, and ultimately stopped at day 35, I was much thinner before I started.

This time I was 209 lbs (95 kilos) when I began vs 191 lbs (87 kilos) when I began the fast last year.

Also, I decided to keep training throughout this fast – last years 35-day water fast I did ZERO physical activity, and during that fast, I never felt the same “fasting high” that I normally do.

3 years ago, I ran my fastest marathon ever on day 30 of a 30-day water fast.  I ran throughout that 30-day water fast and felt great the entire time … so I decided to go back to exercising when I am water fasting.  It works better for me.

I have a rowing machine and my cycling turbo at home … Over the 40 days / 40 nights … I trained on average 6 days a week for at least 2 hours in total per day (some weeks I trained 7 days a week)
I would row 45-60 minutes on the rowing machine (depending on the day) with a fairly high heart rate average, and then I would walk with Sophie for at least 1 hour … on a few occasions, we walked considerably longer.

Interesting to note:  I rowed 30 minutes on day 40 and walked 90 minutes at a good pace …
I had planned and wanted to row an hour on day 40, but mentally, I failed because I felt tired – and also my plane had arrived 2 hours late, so I didn’t get enough sleep, maybe 3 hours … but I still did a 30-minute row with a 132 bpm/avg and then immediately walked 90 minutes on the 40th day of my water fast.

The last days of the fast — In Cairo, I walked more than 15+ km a day and felt great throughout.  On that trip, each night, I walked at least 90-120 minutes … and felt amazing.

To be honest, during this fast, I felt so good throughout the day .. that rowing for up to an hour every day became almost an addiction – I was addicted to that “high” I would feel after the cardio from the row.

On the few days out of the 40, where I did not row, I would still feel good … but I didn’t have that same great feeling, that  “HIGH” I felt on the days I rowed.

Incredible how great I would feel … even while in Nairobi on day 38 and 39, I didn’t have a rowing machine at the hotel, but I walked, jogged for 90 minutes on the treadmill twice a day … at high pace just to get my heart rate up to 135+ avg … and I felt great.

For me – I have learned from experience that when I water fast, I must also exercise to ensure I feel great.

I had issues with insomnia, as I often have when I get into later stages of longer water fasts.  I guess my body does not need the same amount of sleep since my body doesn’t exert as much energy working to digest, and my organs are rested, etc.

I would fall asleep very easily, but I would wake up 3 hours later … wide awake and I would/could not go back to sleep.

I tried everything – from going to sleep later; drinking less water…reading, etc. but nothing seemed to help.

Day 31, 32, 33 I slept maybe 8 hours in total over the 3 days… it was terrible.  BUT, I didn’t feel too bad … esp. when I rowed.  A couple times, I rowed from 2 am – 3 am in the morning and then would take a shower, shave and get ready for work … it would be 3:45 am and I was ready … I would sit around until Sophie woke up at 5 am to do our walk.

Luckily, we have a big house in Dubai, so I would go downstairs and sleep in the guest room which became my room over the last 20+ days, so not to disturb Sophie.

I should mention after the 3 day period of crazy insomnia that I slept GREAT the last week of the fast … I especially slept great in Cairo – the beds at the Four Seasons Giza must be magical.

With all that said…

Water fasting is NOT difficult.

But if you tell yourself over and over how hard it is, for sure you will fail.  I have seen people tell their social media group how they are going to fast … then they seem to update only the negatives about the fast, and how hard it is, etc.

From my experience – water fasting is very easy – MUCH EASIER than people think.

The process is simple:  Day 1 is exciting, new and easy … day 2 is more difficult … day 3 is the hardest… day 4 is a challenge, but by now you are used to it ….
From day five your hunger will be gone.

If you want to try water fasting, I think you must read about fasting so you understand what to expect.

Organize yourself so you have water easily available – and at the same time, make sure you are not tempted to eat by going out to dinners with your family or friends too soon into your fast.

Ensure you are around supportive people – DO NOT listen to all the negativity … fasting is healthy and has been around for thousands and thousands of years – do not listen to all the negativity you will surely face.

Set a proper goal to go after … if you have never tried water fasting, I strongly suggest you do not try to go for 40 days right away and pick an easier goal to achieve.

21 days is an iconic length of a fast and a great achievement.

You will lose a lot of weight – but “fasting” is NOT a diet scheme … and I DO NOT water fast to lose weight.

I like to water fast for the focus is forces me to have – for spiritual reasons, and also during a water fast I detox; I feel so good … and love that incredible “fasting high” … and the feeling of energy non stop all day long that fasting is easy for me … and I like to do fasts every 3-4 months.

This 40 day fast … I did for the focus it forced me to have — for the challenge, and as mentioned above also for spiritual reasons.

I drank less water this time than on any of my other fasts.

This time I drank about 3 liters of water a day – Aquafina or Evian and a Perrier or two throughout the day.

I took NO supplements – NO vitamins – NO medicines – NO juices — NOTHING but water.

I am so obsessive with my water fast that I do NOT use or add even a lemon slice in my water … I have only water.

To be clear — Even when I am not fasting, I don’t take any medicine, supplements nor vitamins.  I rarely drink juice, even freshly squeezed because of I don’t like the sugar from the juice.

The main issue you will face if you want to try “water fasting” is the negativity from people around you.

Most people will completely assume without knowing anything about “water fasting … that living on just water for 40 days is not healthy — but in fact, “water fasting” has been proven for centuries to be very healthy.  (please see all the links I have included below for more information – including numerous reports on the effectiveness of water fasting and cancer)

Once you start … after 5 days your hunger will be completely gone.

I could easily go to a restaurant with my family or friends and sit with them as they ate … and I was not tempted at all.

The main negative for me is boredom.  Also, another issue is that “fasting” is not social.

Although I would go out with Sophie and my girls … and sometimes with friends, sitting around drinking water while everyone ate and drank wasn’t much fun and surely, I didn’t bring much excitement to any of the social meals or functions I attended while on this fast.

I bet most people who break the water fast .. or fail is NOT because they get hungry … its because you get bored and when you are bored, you end of thinking about eating.

Thus, I wonder if its true hunger or just boredom that gets most people to fail a water fast?

If you want to fast, I suggest you read all about water fasting … watch YouTube videos and learn as much as you can, so you know what to expect.

(although from my experience, and in my humble opinion — too many of the YouTube videos are of people moaning and complaining about how hard it is to water fast…and how difficult it is, moaning…and moaning…and moaning about how hard it is and how they want to eat, etc  I guess people think its look funny or cool if their “fast” seems more difficult)

… but (again, I reiterate) the truth is… after 5 days water fasting is NOT difficult at all)

On this 40 day 40 nights water fast I lost 42 lbs / 20 kilos

I got measured on day 41 and my body fat % came down from 16.9% to 11.8%  (last year, on day 36 of my 35-day water fast, my body fat % was well under 10%.  I guess I had more muscle mass last year than I do now.

In 2017, I focused exclusively on rowing and did no resistance weight training at all.  I assume I lost muscle volume during the year for lack of resistance weight training … not because my body burned muscle during my fast (your body only burns fat stores, unless all your fat gets burned)

I have very little fat on my stomach, even less than I did when my body fat % was under 10% last year, thus I was very surprised my body fat % was still so high.

Although I do not want to get muscular … I will soon get back into serious weight training with a focus on my core to get further prepared for my big row across the Atlantic.

My blood sugar level on day 41 was normal and all other markers were in the “very healthy” category.

Resting heart rate on day one was 44 bpm and on day 41 it was 47 bpm (It went up a bit, but I am curious if maybe I wasn’t rested fully before my heart rate was taken)
This morning my resting heart rate was 44 bpm.

I went to another doctor yesterday (my historic Doctor) for my annual physical … (he doesn’t understand my fast and or why I like to do them) but he told me: “your blood work is “perfect” and your vitals are as healthy, even more healthy than most teenagers.”

Why do I seem to have an obsession with pain?

Several people have asked me why do I put my body through pain and challenges, whether physical endurance challenges that I like to do … or monotonous physical painful challenges where I will force my body to endure several hours of pain, just to see if I can finish a challenge, and of course my water fasts.

Why do I do this?

I guess it is similar to why I like to travel and adventure, and experience as much as possible … it’s about experiencing life to its fullest. 

Also, I enjoy being very lean and nimble.  I am 47 years old.  I am an old man … but I DO NOT want to be fat and out of shape or big and muscular.

I want to be lean, focused and driven.

Endurance, physical/mental challenges help keep me driven and at the same force me to focus.

Probably similar to why I feel so much better after a hard cardio training session than I do after a long night sleep … I need to get my heart going.

Soon I will begin a 30-day challenge … that will focus on my core and strength … I want to try doing 90 minutes of rowing, 100 push ups a day for 30 days, plus other physical other core strength activities … every day over a 30-day consecutive period.

I share this on the blog because now there will be no turning back.

…but, I have to make it happen.


For more Information on water fasting:

Loren Lockman has a great youtube channel with lots of information on water fasting.  In my opinion, Loren is the truest expert when it comes to water fasting.  https://www.youtube.com/user/LorenLockman

I highly recommend you google his name, watch his videos and look into his fasting clinic.

Also, Dr Goldhammer has a good site and some excellent videos.






MUST READ:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21088487


the best book I have read on water fasting:




171 thoughts on ““40 days and 40 nights water fast challenge” achieved and completed.

  1. Hello scott.

    Your achievement is motivating and confirming; resulting from this, I bought and read the book.

    However, after countless failed attempts at fasting (of which I merely made it to 3 days) I still do not understand how you, or any one manages it through the first 5 days, of which I am sure the fast becomes effortless.

    How do you manage to make it through the first 4 – 5 days? What do you do? What does your day look like? Mental ‘tricks’? Staying busy? Planning out every single day?

    Thank you, Akilah.

    • Cathy Esteves

      Scott, wow great! Well done! I’ll be on my 14th day tomorrow. I did not plan to fast that long. Aiming at 21 days now, dreaming 40 as this is the ultimate spiritual fast. Though if true hunger kicks in, I’ll eat. By the way, thank you for sharing the episode at the airport. Support and love are tremendous. Focus and determination gold. I’m always greateful when a friend picks me up and help me to refocus. Last note, 47 is not old. I’m 49, and feel life starts afresh again and again.

      Akilah, before fasting I had been on a keto diet for 3 months. The body was already fuelled on fat. This tremendously helped, I never experience the hunger pang. Hoping this helps. Best wishes for your successfull coming fast!

      • if you are on your 14th day, then it’s easy now … no more hunger and I assume you have the fasting “high” and energy all the time. only a week left. it’s not the hunger that distracts me when I fast because I don’t get hungry at all … its the boredom. but focusing on the achievement at the end, the goal i.e. your 21 days or my month of May makes it worth the boredom. keep making it happen.

    • Akilah, in my experience I feel one cant just decide to start fasting and complete a long fast soon after.

      I started fasting and broke it several times, each time I broke fast, it was due to temptation and not real hunger. It felt as if my mind playing games on me. I craved for foods that I had not eaten in a long time. Also, I need to cook for a toddler and I try to make variety of tasty nutritious foods for him. Also, it took some time for my husband to realize how serious I am. He would bring yummy food home and that made it harder for me to fast.

      But, I did not give up and continued my efforts and kept starting/breaking fasts. I feel that each attempt made me stronger and gave me insight into how I can win over my mind. Finally, my husband agreed to support me for a 40 day fast. Family love and support go a long way! I hope am successful this time! I will let you know.

    • Each night before bed and each morning when waking, tell yourself this is Day 1 of your fast. Do this until after Day 5, then from there on – think of it as the true number in days. 🙂 Best wishes for success!

    • Hello Scott, I am attempting a 40 day water fast I am on day 6. My headache’s are finally ceasing and hunger pains are diminishing. I have struggled with being over weight since my first pregnancy. During my pregnancy I was severely depressed and after my so was born I began over eating, this has caused me a great deal of misery. I feel like this fast is cleansing all the years of depression and bad memories away. I find fasting to be very Impowering. I feel in control of my life and pray i can continue and be successful at it. I am inspired by your story, it gives me hope that this time I will make it all the way through my water fast. Thanks!!!

      • stay focused and do not listen to all the negativity that you will face.
        if you are a christian, I strongly recommend you read or listen to the book by Jentzen Franklin, “Prayer and Fasting.” Reading/listening to the book will make fasting easier for you. drop me an update when you get to 21 days. i advise you have only water .. no salt, no suppliments, no vitamins no fruit slices or juice … only water. make it happen

        • Hi Scott,
          What spiritual benefits did u receive from the fasts, u didn’t say. Did 7 get some revelations, visions or dreams, miracles?

          • great question. i have had several incredible good fortunes during or shortly after a long fast.
            its like magical … each time i fast something remarkable happens.
            however … i did a 10 day dry fast a couple months ago, and a huge deal i was working on … blew out.
            i just have to trust that its part of the climb, and that huge huge deal wasnt meant to happen for a reason.
            Also, i did a 3 day dry fast last week — and a massive deal i was working on didnt happen ….
            but maybe my breakthrough is the learning and growing from that … and i trust next time the deal will close.
            but … i say with confidence that miracles happen during or soon after a fast.

    • In 2004 I saved my life by doing a 36 day water fast, 4 days short of pulling a JESUS ,the toxins that I pissed out, brown crap , UNBELIEVABLE even mid way in the Fast rode a 12 speed bike alot, no word ofa LIE ? after the 3rd DAY Felt no HUNGER at all, If you have the MINDSET that you CAN’T guess what you WON’T ?

  2. Woman of God

    Congratulations on completing your fast.I’m searching for a fasting partner.It’s easier if you have someone to help out with accountability ..To God be the glory , I’ve completed many 5 day dry fast and one 7 day.Also completed some water & liquid fast..I love fasting..It brings my flesh under subjection..

    • thanks. I am on day 8 of the month of may fast. I am doing a water fast for the entire month of May.

  3. Nino Capozzoli

    Thank you for the link to the Herbert Shelton book. About 2.5 months ago I read a book by Dr. Jason Fung called The Obesity Key, about diabetes, diet, and intermittent fasting which got me pretty excited to start fasting. I did a day, then two and three. Since the beginning of March 2018 I have lost almost 30 lbs and have found quite a bit of clarity in this life change. This morning I began my first attempt at a 39 day fast. I search online for reading material about fasting but there seems to be so much misinformation – and then this morning I came upon your blog and feel like it was perfect timing, reading about someone who has gone through the 40 days and is still healthy, feeling great on the other side. My main reason for trying an extended day fast is that I have had a tough time breaking what seems like a pretty serious addiction to snacking and sugar, and from some of what I have read food cravings seem to lessen as a whole the more that you fast. What has your experience been?

    • i fully agree … so much misinformation on fasting. i dont do intermittent, but only water fasting. i am not sure what type of fasting you do. the key is the first 5 days of a water fast. mentally, if you are prepared, the 5 days go by quickly, and you control your cravings. after 3-5 days, your hunger is gone completely. i can easily go out with friends and sit with them as they eat lunch or dinner when i am fasting. i suggest you try water fasting, not just intermittent. fasting is surely very healthy. i never get sick, ever. and i do a water fast every 4 months or so. i am on day 16 of a water fast … i am fasting the entire month of May. why? spiritual reasons, and also it helps me focus and i feel so good when i fast .. its a fasting high that i get and great all day long. key is being focused, and wanting to achieve so much that you dont even think about your hunger. also, surround yourself with people who support you, and stay away from negativity. keep me posted

      • Nino Capozzoli

        I am on day 10 now – not feeling hungry at all but mentally it has been somewhat tough to maintain. I guess food continues to have a pretty strong pull even if it’s all in your mind. My BP continues to stay down, the only issue is that my pulse has quickened – my resting heart rate has gone from about 90 (my normal) to 120 this morning. It has been at around 115 since I started the water fast. I originally gave myself black coffee in the AM but have weaned myself off of that, and I’m just a little concerned about the elevated heart rate. I may try to push up my next doctors visit in two weeks to see about that. Otherwise things have been good, 10 days is 5 days better than I have ever fasted before.

        • i am on day 23 of a water fast, and i am training 2 hours a day. i noticed my heart rate is considerably higher than normal. i assume this is normal because i am into a fast and also training a lot … my resting heart rate is normally around 43/44 maybe lower, but now its in the 60s. i am not worried.
          instead of going to some fat doctor who is just going to tell you negative things about water fasting … or prescribe you medicine, maybe research and esp. look at Dr. Goldhammer. to me, he is the leading expert in fasting.
          dont worry about your elevated heart rate. i posted 3 long blogs about 30,35, and 40 day water fasts … i discuss the higher heart rate in the 35 day one.
          do what you feel is best … but i suggest you not waste money going to a dr. esp if you live in america and its going to cost an arm and a leg.
          Dr Goldhammer has many youtube videos. I have never communicated with him, but to me he is the leading expert in water fasting.

      • Loved everything you said , have done 21day water fasts 3 times now, am 48 now. Have struggles with fatigue which would hinder my ability to pray. Hanger is not a problem. Now I’m excited to do it again with the exercise element. But I don’t want to lose 42lbs. As a woman, I’d like to keep a bit on my bones, lol. What do u think? Thanks

        • instead of serious cardio – i suggest you just walk. Strict water fasting will cure your fatigue.
          I also suggest you read or listen to jentzen franklin’s “prayer and fasting” (my reply is more related to your other queston)

  4. Mary Wilkerson

    I am so encouraged and uplifted spiritually by your blog.
    I believe God lead me here. By his grace l have been on many fasts Some juice fasts for 40 days for spiritual reasons only but never 40 days on water only. Recently the Lord led me to go on 40 days water only fast staring 05/06/18 for spiritual cleansing from iniquity. I am now on day 11. I have no hunger pains, headaches etc. I stay focused on reading my Bible and listening to the word of God. I just ask for your prayers. The Lord once shared with me that each day you fast an evil spirit leaves you but we must repent for us and on behalf of past generations. After the 40 day fast my husband and l did without asking. God increased our business income 300%. We focused on God forgiveness, repentance, worship. It is useless to fast for money, houses etc. Fast for what Jesus Christ gave his life to do in all of us. Get rid of the root iniquity ( same nature in Satan or devil), transgressions, and sins. People have told us after fasting that we looked like we had some disease. We laugh out loudly at devils. We are winning this fight through the mighty power our Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit. He has given us freedom and choice.
    Thank you. May God continue to shower his blessings upon you & family

    • thanks for your message. enjoy the fast … now its easy for you because your hunger should be all gone. i am on day 16 … i want to fast the entire month of may. to appreciate my life, but also fasting helps me focus. i get a fasting “high” .. and feel great all day long.
      keep me posted. all the best, God bless!

  5. Scott, have you ever experienced ‘true hunger’ before? (what is it like?) it is mentioned in Shelton’s book. And, dont you feel nausea, weak, and tired? or does the exercise remedy this?


    • I am on day 17 of a water fast (i want to fast the entire month of may) …

      this fast, i have not done as much exercise as i normally do, and i dont feel as great – so for me exercising while fasting is important, and i feel so much better when i do.
      as for the true hunger … i guess i felt this when i did a 35 day fast last year. i had wanted to do 40 days … but around day 33, i became very hungry and ultimately, on day 34/35 i had to leave the office and go home and get in bed i was very tired. But .. i didnt exercise at all during that fast.
      my 40 day fast earlier this year … i got hungry around day 36, but mentally, i was much more focused and felt better, i think because of all the exercise i was doing. On that fast, on day 36, 37, 38 i walked 15+ miles a day. I rowed on a rowing machine nearly every day too 45 or 60 minutes depending on the day.

      from my experience, fasting is very mental. if i am focused and into the fast … and want to do it, i can easily do it and i dont think about eating or food. However, if i only half heartedly do the fast, and am not completely into it, i think about food and the fast doesnt go as well.

      as for feeling weak — on the contrary, i get a “high” when i fast. i feel so good, all day long that fasting for me is very easy because i want to feel that same “high” and energy level i get while fasting.

  6. Awesome job. I’m wanting to start a fast for spiritual reasons, and also to shed this excess weight and detox. Question- when you break a fast, how do you proceed? Do you follow the recommendations to avoid “refeeding syndrome”, or do you just simply eat? After reading your positive experience with exercise (which is always touted to be avoided during long fasts), I wonder if “refeeding syndrome” is also exaggerated.

    • i just did a 23 day waater fast. i wanted to go the entire month of may, but stopped because i am training for a big endurance race, and was burning too many calories … and although i felt great all day long, i didnt have the same energy during my training … so i stopped. I regret stopping, and wish i had just pushed onward.
      with that said … I normally go to a 5 star restaurant when i break my fast, and i eat whatever i want. I once broke a 30 day water fast immediately after running my best/fastest full marathon of my life … and i broke with a big bag of peanut M & Ms. one of my best memories of breaking a fast. I broke my 23 day fast this week at Nobu.
      now i am focused on a fruitarian, vegan diet/life style. Personally, i have to train when i fast in order to feel the great fasting high that you get … if i dont train, i dont feel as great. As for breaking the fast … i dont follow the protocol. keep me posted.

    • Lisa, enjoy the experience and remember to protect yourself from all the negativity you will face, even from good friends … esp. in america.
      Fasting is very very healthy, so do not listen to the people around you tell you that you look bad or sick. After 5 days your hunger will be gone and you will feel amazing. make it happen

  7. I’m so happy to have found this blog! I’m about to embark on my first 40 day water only fast and have been mostly running into negativity. Your blog reminded me of why I’m doing it in the first place. I will read it again and again throughout to help remind me of why I started. Thank you for the motivation !

    • if you have never fasted before, you might want to shoot for 21 days … and experience fasting first. 21 days is still very good length and an iconic number of days to fast. be prepared, esp. if you live in america to get a lot of negative feedback and little support from people around you.
      fasting is very healthy. fasting is proving to fight cancer. after 5 days, you will feel great. if you do this … my suggestion is that you not be like most people, and talk constantly about how hard it is to fast (fasting is very easy – if you really want to do it) too many youtubing people moan and focus on negatives of fasting …
      i did a water fast for 23 days in May. I am doing a 21 day water fast now. (day 2)
      if you have never tried to water fast before — make sure you read a lot about it (read the links in the fasting blogs i posted with the links below)
      if this is your first fast — start with 21 days (my suggestion) …. experience 21 days and then in a month go after 40 days. Or shoot for 21 days … and if all is going well (which it should) then keep fasting to 30-35 or 40 days.
      hardest part is the fasting is not social, and you will get bored. when you get bored … stay strong and dont go into the kitchen!

  8. Olamide Banjoko

    Thanks for your encouragement, pls is possible to 6am to 6am fasting for year and then break with fruit everyday?

    • if you fast from 6-6 and then have fruit … its great, but its not fasting. a water fast is having only water 24 hours a day for the amount of days you fast.

  9. echo bravo

    Scott. Very interesting to read.
    I was introduced to fasting last year and agree with your findings.
    Boredom is a big factor for me. No need to decide, shop, prepare, cook, or clean up – it is amazing how much bandwidth food takes up.
    Came to your blog as am about to restart a fast and was researching more about fasting and exercise.
    Last water fast I did was 14-days and on days 10 and 14 I swam 3.6Km with absolutely no issues. In fact, I had not felt so smooth in a while. I stopped as I was getting bored.

    Some questions.
    Have you never needed to add salts to your water due to the amount of exercise you do? I found that salts – Potassium and Sodium – made my 14-day breeze though. Though I might have been ‘over-drinking’ on previous attempts.

    How do you modify water intake with exercise?

    • when i water fast, i do not take any suppliments including salt. i dont even drink water that has lemon slice in it. just my choice and style of strict water fasting. i ran a 3:43 marathon on day 30 of a water fast. i am very slow runner and that marathon time is my fastest .. and it was on day 30 of a strict water fast. when i fast now, i drink about 3 liters of water a day because when i drink more, i wake up too much because i have to pee (in the beginning, when i first started to water fast, i probably drank too much water) … i recently did a 23 day water fast …i was aiming to fast the entire month of May, but am back into serious training for a endurance race … and mentally failed and decided to stop the fast because i told myself i was tired. truth is i probably should have just drunk more water and stayed focused because after i broke the fast, i had mediocre training that wasnt intense at all …
      i am not an expert at fasting — i just like to water fast and i am certain in the health benefits. i water fast frequently. when i fast, i drink about 3 liters of water and do about 3 hours of training a day (run, cylce, swim or row) but the amount of water i drink increases depending on my energy, or lack of energy. if i feel tired, i drink water and get my energy back.

  10. Hi, thank you for this inspiring article. It is wonderful to find someone who successfully completes a long fast without – well, whining! Haha. Also I am happy to hear about it being possible to exercise during. I am starting a 40 day water fast. I have done 8 days before, but unfortunately had to stop there, as I was still living with my mum who got distressed over it and thought I was getting anorexic. I also struggled with very low energy and shaking hands, though now I realise it was probably due to drinking black coffee! I have a question about exercise. I am training for a marathon and I was so happy to hear you were able to run a fast marathon on day 30. How much running did you do while you were fasting? Did you do speed workouts at high intensities or just gentle distance? How far did you run? Thank you for your help!

    • i suggest you go after a 21 day fast and not 40. also, i strongly suggest you take a week or two to get ready for it and eat more than usual. if you are already very thin, you will burn all your fat stores and you will have less energy. i discussed this in the 35 day water fast blog. i started that fast too thin. when i achieved the 40 days, i prepared and gained weight. it seemed to work. 21 days is a great iconic achievement and will serve you well. Do a few 20-30 day fasts before you jump to 40.
      On the 30 day fast — I ran at least one hour 6 days a week (3 days on one day off) with every friday being a challenge day where I ran up to 3 hours. That fast was probably my all-time best and favorite fast because i felt great all day every day … and even on the marathon, i felt great. i recovered great too.
      all the other fasts i have done have been in part motivated to feel that same amazing “high” that i did. the 40 day i felt good, but none have felt as great as i did on the 30 day. (maybe it was all the running i did) 35 day i did zero exercise and didnt feel as great as normal. i recenrly did 23 day water fast in May and trained up to 4 hours a day for 6 days a week and felt great. go for 21 days. learn more about fasting before you go after the 40 — is my suggestion.

    • when i run while fasting it depends on my work out. if i have intervals, i run intensively even while fasting … on the 30 day fast i ran with my daughters boy friend every day so he and i ran hard, and i never wanted to lose to him so would push it. but to be honest, a couple times i walked in the middle of a tough run …
      on the 23 day fast this part May, i trained a lot and the fast went well .. i was aiming for the enitre month, but i had a business trip where a client took me for dinner at an expensive restaurant and i broke the fast because i didnt want to come across rude

  11. hi Scott,
    I find your article encouraging and would like you to be a mentor to me in my first 40 days water fasting journey. my whatsapp number is 233244856505

    • thanks but i am not a fasting mentor. my strong suggestion is that if you have never fasted before, do not go after a 40 day. start with 14-21 days.
      read about fasting. after 5 days it is easy and your hunger will go. keep me posted

  12. Rachel Hillhouse

    Hi Scott, I’ve done a 40 day water fast 2 years ago during the summer when my mom was dying of cancer. I was 40 lbs. overweight at the time. She passed away, but I was able to handle it better than expected because of God preparing me during my time of fasting. I have fasted off and on since then. I did a 21 day fast and became animeic. I have not exercised during fasting until just recently. I feel great when I do, but deal with some weakness. I have noticed that I am building up endurance and am able to go longer and do more. I’m debating on doing a 21 day fast, but hesitate, because I’m the leader of my run group at church. I run to keep in shape and weight loss. How can I do a long fast and still run? I’m 30 lbs. overweight. Do our bodies have that capability to exert ourselves without replenishing it without food and not have negative effects? I want to fast and run, but don’t want to in danger my health.

    • again … i am not an expert. i am on day 21 of a water fast and i am getting ready to go for a 90 minute run. for me, its very mental. if i tell myself i am tired and weak, i have a terrible run and feel weak .. but if i go out and run in a positive mood, i can run for 2-3 hours on a fast. on day 14 of this fast, i met one of the senior pastors of my church for breakfast … but before i met him, i did a 2 hour row at the gym on the rowing machine. 2 hour row non stop is tough for some people, but again … i think its tough because we tell ourselves its tough.
      i am very lean and dont have much body fat. if you are overweight … my strong suggestion is use your next fast to work on getting yourself back in shape, lose the weight and as you fast JUST WALK do not run. being overwieght will hurt your knees. when in fact, walking 1-2 hours a day you will see the weight fall off you, and you will feel better. try and get yourself in a routine, get your weight down and then get into running. but …. since you seem to enjoy running, even over weight .. then your next fast, stop thinking that you are tired, and focus on feeling good and you will see that you will feel great on your run. now i am off for a 90 minute run.

      • Thank you for answering. I’ve been learning a lot about the power of our mind. Thank you for bringing that up. I’m learning what I think and say is what I believe and what I believe is what empowers me.

  13. I am on day 10 of a water fast and I am losing about a pound a day. I want to continue for a while and am feeling very good. But I don’t want to continue to lose a pound a day. I can’t really understand why I am losing a pound a day…. Isn’t a pound 3500 calories? I am not exercising except some very small walks to and from work, store, etc. (less than 1 mile per day). So how am I losing 3500 calories per day? I Understand the first few days it was water weight, so I expected that. Is there some point when your metabolism slows down and you stop losing so much weight? I would have thought it would slow to 1/2 pound a day? Thanks,

    • I am not an expert … but I normally lose 1 kg a day (about 2 lbs) a day for a period and then it stables out where you don’t lose much.
      I am on day 21 of a water fast and I have been losing about a 2 lbs a day but i am training 2-3 hours a day. from what i have read and experienced, your weight will stablize but you will lose consistently about a 1 lb a day (i lose 2.2 lbs a day) … this is why for longer fasts, i always gain weight to make sure i have fat reserves for the later stages.

      • SO now I am on day 18 of 40 and I think the weight loss has slowed down a little. I really don’t want to lose 40 pounds because that would put me below my high school weight. Trusting God on this one. But I really feel great! And I’m noticing that the dark spots on my skin are fading, sense of smell is coming back, emotions have stabilized. Whoa! Not sure why I didn’t do this before lol. Thanks to all who have gone before me…..

          • So, now I am on day 26 and feeling very good. Had a few rough days about a week ago (day 20-21) with lightheadedness and feeling dizzy. I decided to take in some electrolyte water and 1/8 tsp salt, and that really helped. So now I’m supplementing with that each day. Have to listen to your body! Not trying to hurt myself here. With the electrolytes I’m feeling very good. Really reorienting my thinking about food. Still losing about 3/4 pound a day. No hunger. I even cook for other people and taste test the food and spit it out, don’t swallow. It’s not difficult at all. Also, interesting, no loose skin! My body seems to be just adjusting to this process naturally. Have two more weeks left, and am kinda going to be sad when this is over. What an experience! I’ve been journaling most days and praying a lot. Doing this for God. But what He gives back is a lot!

  14. Ricardo António Jara

    Hi Scott, what you think about put some sea salt on that water? You think maybe change something, I fast Sincé 2010 but never more than seven days, because I really feel like water not make nothing for my hydratation, I mean some days I only drink a few glasdes and other days I drink a Lot of water but never felt hydratated. My fast experience is short but I want yo Know what you think about that.

    • i dont use salt or drink salt water. but i do enkoy perrier or sparkling water during my water fast

  15. Nathan Freeman

    I’m beginning a church planting project in 40 days. To fend off boredom I will read my Bible out loud. I intend to start running again too and start doing my army Pt regimen again as I am about 30 pounds overweight.

    I am praying for preparation of myself and those God will bring across my path so that I can reach them on a spiritual level and remove the impurities in my life.

  16. Greet! Mr.Scot and this post encourages me to do water fast for longer period this time. Anyhow I did before but after 2 days I had a severe hurt burn and I did not know how to deal with it so I cut the fast then. So did you experience a hurt burn during the fast? If yes,how you delt with?

    Thank you for sharing this thankful post.

    • i think you need to be more realistic … of course you are going to face pain and challenge, you are water fasting … and detoxing. I recently, did a 22 day water fast. i also fasted 23 days in May. i am on day 4 of another 21 day water fast i am doing with a friend of mine who has stage 4 cancer … supporting her and doing the water fast with her.
      but remember … the first week or so, if you havent fasted before, will be a big challenge. But you are not going to die. Fasting is proving to kill / cure cancer. Focus on the cool experience and adventure … try not to think about the pain. After 5 days or so … your hunger is gone, and you will start to feel good again. make it happen. keep me posted

  17. Hey!
    Have recently come across your website and so inspired by your achievements. I’m also pretty determined by nature but have definitely come across obstacles I find hard to conquer. I’ve done 3 water fasts in the past but only for 7 days at a time. In terms of re-centering, re-focusing and strengthening my spiritual connection, there’s literally nothing like it. I’m a single mum and have big projects in my work coming up and I know I need my creativity and focus to be stronger than ever, after a really challenging year this year (I think a lot of people have felt those astrological challenges this year!) I really need to draw on my inner strength and clarity so am about to do my first 21 day water fast. I just wanted to post on here, to touch base with a community who understand about the magic of water fasting. Starting tomorrow! Thanks for listening! A x

  18. Hi Scott, I am super excited to come across your website and am grateful that you share your breadth of experience with those of us just starting out. I have done intermittent fasting while on a Keto diet and didn’t experience hunger as long as I was in ketosis. Do you have any thoughts about pros/cons of starting a 21 day fast from a state of ketosis/keto lifestyle? Also, is there any place I can find information on referring in terms of the kinds of food to transition off the fast? I read you suggestions above and just want to get more information. Thank you!

    • i am very biased towards water fasting … so not the best at giving unbiased advice. my suggestion is to read as much as you can, and research and study before you do the fast. everyone has different experiences and advice. example, i have read a lot — and some fasting guru’s say not to do any exercise at all while fasting … and just lay around and sleep all day, and rest. for me – when i do this type of water fast, i feel like crap and have zero energy. from my experience, when i fast, i need to do exercise — and i have read books that encourage exercise, and also read books that discourage it.
      one thing i am confident of … is that you will not die on your water fast, so just experience and learn what works for you.

  19. Thank you for your advice! It’s working. I started a blog for my run group that I lead at my church. I’ve had a long journey to get to where I am today, so I’m just beginning. I’d appreciate any advice that you could give.

    • my advice: commitment and consistency. dont try to do too much at once, but build up and most importantly, be consistent.

      • Still fasting. It’s day 32 today. I’m really feeling hunger now and find myself thinking about food. Feeling kinda weak. But determined to finish this out.

          • After I finished the fast, my entire attitude about food changed. I don’t like the feeling of being “full” any more. And I’m finding myself skipping meals – intermittent fasting? And I’m almost vegan at this point, which I wasn’t anticipating. Overall in fasting this year I lost a lot of weight, and have gained about half of it back. And now I’m going into Advent and going to water fast – 23 days. Really looking forward to it.

            Do you have any literature on how to maintain an ongoing fasting lifestyle?

          • i suggest you get into a vegan diet. cut out the bread and sugar.
            i highly recommend Loren Lockman’s youtube channel. Loren has lots of videos discussing water fasting.

  20. Douglas j Gray

    Dr. Shelton said that to set a specific period for fasting is not correct, that the body itself will tell you when to end a fast, and best results come if you do not end it prematurely, but also you don’t push it beyond when the body says to eat.

  21. Very inspiring work Scott! The longest I have gone water fasting is 15 days. By the third day I felt amazing and had no hunger. Have you noticed any changes to your eye color while fasting? Mine changed from hazel to a light green. I am going to attempt a 40 day fast starting tomorrow. Thanks for the motivation!

  22. Day 40 completed. Feeling very weak and very hungry. I think my body was telling me to stop for the last few days, but I pushed on because I wanted to reach the 40 day goal. I broke the fast with a small spoonful of honey. Will take some broth later. Taking it slowly for now. Have gotten a lot of perspective, and emotional continuity and composure, among other things.

    • great achievement. good job. if you do a fasting debrief/report, please send it to me – i want to read it. your friends and family must be inspired. great job.

  23. Linda Parker

    Hi all. I’m from South Africa. Started my 40 day water fast on Monday 10 September 2018. Did cardio workouts on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Came upon this blog this morning. Was about to give up earlier. But having read all the positive reports, I have decided to soldier on. Feeling very positive now as this was indeed an amswer to my morning prayer.I’ve even decided to up my exercise routine in the new week. Anyone looking for a “fasting partner”, I’m here for you. I’m also doing this for a particular reason. More sbout that later.

  24. Hi! I came across this website, which is super inspiring. In Sweden “not eating” is taboo and also I haven’t found a single swede that actually done water fasting and written about it. I have done some water fasts before, as most 10 days. This time I want to try 40 days. I want to do this for spiritual reasons, focus on myself, my body and not stress about food etc. I will continue eating my vitamins. Also I work full time and have horses. To be honest I hate “normal” exercising (did that a lot before, ie running, walking, bicycling etc etc), but I will continue riding one of my two horses (the other one is only a baby). I will try to stay focused but unfortunately I won’t be able to tell my surrounding about this (also why I post here). So if someone wants to join me, please let me know, I start today, September 22nd :).

  25. I am inspired to start October 1st. I did 11 days in September of water and a glass of iced coffee in the a.m. Being a Mom of 3 sons and a wife- I found it so hard to cook dinner and ” all the smells”- even the noise of the fork to the plate seemed unusually loud, lol. I caved on day 11. But for reasons- I NEED the discipline and mental clarity.

    • i am fasting the entire month of october. i need the focus and consistency fasting brings me. i fasted 23 days in May, 22 days in august/sept … but i didnt achieve my goal of entire month … so aiming for October. keep me posted. make it happen.

      • Thanks for your response. I did begin on October 1st and am 4 days in. I think I’m doing well. Felt “off” yesterday ..just felt tired but feel much better in Day 4. I don’t think about food much – gets a little challenging in the evening as I have to cook dinner for my family. But I have been able to walk away from the temptation. My goal is worth much more than food. How r u doing?

        • i am on the end of day 4 too. i am not hungry and have felt ok … negative is that i was tired this morning and missed my run.
          from my experience, fasting is very mental. when i am focused and want to make it happen … i can fast without any problem. But the times i have fasted, but didnt have my head completely into it … was very difficult, esp. the beginning. For me, the 4th day is normally the toughest, but this time not a problem. I need to ensure i dont get bored because then i will think about eating. i suggest the same for you.
          keep making this happen. remember its very mental. if you tell yourself you are hungry, and or listen to your friends tell you its not good … you will fall down and fail. make it happen.

        • Scott Ragsdale

          also – think about the positive impact you will have on many friends, friends of friends who will hear about what you achieved … your kids and husband will surely be inspired. so stay focused and go to the end. the key is NOT listening to all the negativity you will hear … fasting is surely good for us, and it’s Biblical.
          reflect on how inspiring you will be … and the impact you will have on the people around you. since you are on day 4, after a couple of days, your hunger will be gone … and then its easy. 11 days is ok … but fasting the entire month will be a cool achievement. you can do it.

  26. Thank you so very much! You have no idea ( or you probably do,lol) how inspiring and encouraging you are to me. You know, I was inspired to fast years ago because we were believing God for direction regarding our youngest sons health. I just needed to quiet the noise in my head and the opinions of others about what we should do. I was very new to fasting and only did 3 days. AMy husband and I did a 5 day juice fast. I didn’t like that one because for me I found all the sugar made me super tired. Also did a “daniel fast” and while that’s fine for some I was not focused and didn’t have much benefit from that experience. At the end of September – i desired to begin another fast.- It was the strangest thing- but being a Christian i do believe I was led into this one. I appreciate you believing in me and your positivity and encouragement. I just had an almost ” out of body or supernatural experience” today. I went to the grocery store for my family- my sweet husband offered to go but I really wanted to challenge myself. So I arrived with my list in hand – and grabbed all on my list. Upon leaving the store, all of a sudden I realized, like an epiphany, that even though I was putting food items in my basket – i was not thinking about food at all!! I left on a high as I realized- God’s grace is definitely on me during this time. Don’t get me wrong – just yesterday there are moments of feeling challenged..but like you I try to be most productive during the day taking care of my responsibilities and it keeps me focused. I find getting dressed and staying active is most beneficial! I pray you are doing well today!

    • From my experience, and i have fasted numerous times … fasting is very mental. focus on achieving and making this happen, and you dont think about hunger. i am on day 6 and i have not been hungry at all this fast – probably because i am so focused on achieving the end. the key for you, esp. since you live in America, is NOT to listen to all the negativity you will receive from people. also, think of the positive impact you will have on many people in your life … you wont even know, but your fasting and achieving the end will get people thinking and talking, and i bet will inspire someone else to get their life in a better direction. stay strong.

      as for your other question on breaking fast …I am not the best one to discuss breaking a long fast because i once broke a 30 day water fast (after i ran a full marathon on day 30) with a big bag of M&Ms which is stupid … i know, but damn did they taste good. this fast, i will break with fruitarian diet (mainly watermelon) for 4-5 days. i suggest you watch Loren Lockman on youtube. He seems to be the biggest expert on fasting.

  27. Bret Bartlett

    Hey Scott,

    I am planning a 21 day fast, I’ve done 8 days before. I’m on day 4 now.

    I was just wondering what you ate to come off of your 40 day fast.

    • i might be good at fasting (i am on day 20 of a month long water fast) .. but i am a fool when it comes to breaking my fasts.
      to break my 40 day and 40 night water fast (ultimately, i fasted 41 days) … i went to a french restaurant and had a great french meal, glass of champagne and several glasses of wine.
      yes … i understand that is not the way to break fasts, but it was a great meal.
      one of the times i fasted 30 days … i ran a full marathon on my 30th day. i ran 17 minutes faster than any other marathon i have done. when i finished the marathon, i broke my fast … and ate an entire large bag of M & M’s … damn, they were so good. As i type, i can still remember that momement!
      Loren Lockman is the water fasting expert. i suggest you check out his videos on youtube. he advises to eat small amount of watermelon and build up over a few days before you eat normal food.
      you are already on day 4 … dont quit. make it happen. drop us note when you get to the end.

  28. Marisela Garcia

    Very helpful! Looking into starting a 40 day fast tomorrow. I Have tried several times and failed. The longest I lasted was 7 days. Wish me luck.

    • don’t try to fast for 40 days if you have failed many times and only achieved 7 days. go for 21 days. fasting is very mental and much easier than people think. I just broke a fast 5 minutes ago … I fasted the entire month of October. You can easily do 21 days if you organize yourself, and if you really want to achieve it. keep me posted.

  29. Thank for your story Scott! This was so powerful. I’ve encountered a lot of those same issues in my previous 21 day fasts. I am now to get back in the saddle. Thank you so much for your positivity and your contribution to humanity. Blessings!!

  30. Hey, thanks for the post on your success in water fasting.
    I am thinking of trying to do a 40 day water fast, and was wondering about your experience with training. I have past injuries to my knees, and need to workout often to tighten my quads. Will I still get the same tightness in my muscle in s water fast based on your experience?
    Thanks for any help

    • dont try a 40 day fast if you never water fasted before … go after a 21 day water fast first (my advice)
      i have to do cardio exercise when i fast becasue i feel much better. fasting is a “anti-inflammatory” to the body, thus your body will be fine if you train while fasting.

  31. Scott – I just read your piece on the 40-day water fast. Thank you for documenting this. I have completed a few four-day water fasts, and am currently beginning a seven-day water fast. My goal is to complete a 21-day water fast in January. Thanks for your inspiration and wisdom.

    • the hardest part of a water fast is the first 7 days. good luck and when you achieve 21 days, drop another comment update.

  32. Hello,

    I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your post and find it motivating. Tomorrow I will be starting a 30 day water fast. I have done 20 day master cleanse fasts and 20 days juice fasts but I have never done a water fast more than three consecutive days. I plan on reaching 30 days because I am motivated and really driven this time around. It has been about six years since I was introduced to juicing and the master cleanse but it wasn’t until recently that I started to research water fasting and all of its magical health benefits.

    I will keep you updated when I reach every ten days!

    • i suggest you aim for a 21 day strict water fast. 3 weeks will be a great achievement … and then in a few months go after 30 days.
      the first 6 days are the toughest … but after 6 days you will be easily fasting. Organize yourself – ensure you have lots and lots and lots of water (any bottle water is fine) and when ever you get tired, just drink water. even when you feel you have had enough, drink more.
      dont listen to all the negativity you will surely face.
      make it happen. drop me a message when you get to day 21.

  33. Hi Scott
    Thank you,Thank you, Thank you for your article.
    I am on Day 29 and want to continue to say 40 against everyone’s opinion. This is my first time.I too drank nothing but tap water and iron and high blood medicine.
    Walked 1 hr on treadmill daily
    House bound as taking care of Mom 84 years old who can’t get up, lie down or walk on her own.
    Will take it moment by moment at a time
    Thank you for the info
    Take care bsafe

  34. Angel Mendez

    I just wanted to say how uplifting positive intelligent and wonderful this blog is and how you have me back in the right mindset, your daughter is a lucky young lady to have you as a role model and my wish if I had a wish granted would be for everyone one in the world to have someone like you in their life……thanks again, sorry for the emotion but I’m water fasting right now and just finished a run🤙🏽🤙🏽👍🏽😁✌🏽

  35. Awesome-love what you’re sharing! On day 5 of what I hope to be 6-week waterfast (42 days).
    The longest ive done so far is 30 days, 25 days & 21. The 30 was fairly easy because I was mentally prepared. I fast every other month & ranged between 10-30 days in 2018.

    I agree w/ inability to sleep the longer the fast goes. I love how water fasting crucifies the flesh & bolsters our spirit-man.

    Happy new year & God bless!

    • every other month … great job. I did 5-6 fasts last year and calculated that i fasted 37% of last year. i am on a 40 day water fast that i am trying to do first 5 days dry fast. i did a 3.5 day dry fast before christmas holidays and it was a great experience.
      keep me posted

  36. Sir you have done more for me for my successful water fasting than anyone ever. For that, I thank YOU! 40 days water only fast-here I come!

    • if you havent fasted before, shoot for 14 days … or 21 days. experience fasting before you immediately try to do 40. it is very mental. you will be told a lot of negativity by your friends, co workers, family and people around you … who will inflict their opinions without having any idea of what they are talking about. so before you fast, make sure you read the books i suggested. organize to have lots of water available, and make sure you stay strong the first 5-6 days (the hardest part is the first 3-4 days) after 5 days its very easy and you will not be hungry. keep me posted

    • you can surely achieve 40 days, but you need to be organized and mentally prepared, esp. with all the negativity in america. make it happen.

  37. Great info here, I’m a 5’10” 140 lb female and I don’t exercise regularly. I honestly don’t think I have any fat reserves and dont know if I could build any up, gaining weight is nearly impossible for me. Do you think it really would make a difference for me to eat as much as possible for a week before going for a 21 day water fast?

    • i am not a fasting expert – but my wife is tall and very thin. recently, she did a 21 day fasts and 14 days water fast — she didnt have much body fat left, and her hunger came back very strong … so from experience, once you get your body fat down to a point its too low, and your body doesnt have the same energy reserves, your hunger will come back very strong — 2 years ago, i got to day 34 of a 40 day water fast … i was unbearably hungry, and ultiamtely stopped on day 35. last year, i begam my fast 10 lbs heavier to ensure i had body fat for the last days … i guess my point is that your hunger will return once your body doesnt have enough energy stores to take. try to go at least 10-14 days so you get the benefits of the fast. i think too many people quit too early into the fast. be prepared the first 4 -5 days will be a challenge – but if you really want to fast, you will make it happen. its very very mental. good luck and update me after your fast

  38. Hi Scott,

    Thank you so much for your blog. It’s great to see some inspiration out there for others wanting to do 40 day fasts other than the negativity.
    I was wondering if you have come across any information on the following symptoms. I get what some have called a “Keto Rash” about 15 days into my fast all over my torso and back and a little on my arms. I’m on day 30 now and it abated for a little bit, but then came back again. It itches profusely but I can endure that. The most concerning thing is that I have a hard time keeping water down. It starts to taste sickly sweet and my stomach rejects water so I am drinking less and less and feel constant nausea (not hunger) I am & was grossly overweight before starting this fast (but the reason for this fast was not weight loss) so I’m wondering if it is just the release of toxins in my body causing this. My main concern has been harming my kidneys & liver due to not enough water or dehydration. But it seems like that shouldn’t be a problem since your fat stores have a high water content? Thanks again for this page & good luck on all your future challenges & endeavors!

    • my wife is very thin and tall … she recently did a 14 day water fast and experienced the same rash … but it went away. i have never experienced anything similar.
      i suggest that you do not need to worry about your body/kidneys/liver … surely, the fast is detoxing and cleaning your system. 30 days is great … if you are heavy, for sure your body can go longer … try and go longer if you mentally can. strict water fasting is the ultimate way to clean and detox your system
      keep us posted. try and cut sugar and meat once you are done fasting.

    • you are on day 30 … you can surely go to 40 … and 40 days is an awesome, iconic achievement. Dont worry about your body … unless you are hyper thin …
      if you still have a lot of body fat, 100% you are going to burn the body fat .. therefore, in theory, you can fast as long as you have body fat. You have come this far … 40 days is awesome, but if you still are heavy, 50 days is even cooler. I rently did a 23 day water fast, and i did the first 5.5 days dry fast … and then did another 5 days over the remaing 16 thus, i did nearly half the fast dry … i share this woth you only to highlight that i felt amazing. dont listen to all the negative bull shit said by people who have zero clue what they are talking about. i once had a doctor tell me that my water fasting was not good for me…. he was 34 years old, very over weight and looked terrible. I was 46 at the time and weighed less than i did when i was in high school … and surely, i can do physical activity/things that fat doctor cant. do not listen to all the negativity. you have achieved 30 days … you can 100% get to 40. but if you are still very heavy … go for 50. drop me an update with before and after photo when you finish your fast. make it happen

  39. Well I’m sticking in there so far. Feel very weak and lethargic the last few days. Lots of vomiting bike. Also lots of mucous buildup in my sinuses. Thankfully work slows for me this time of year and I think I can maintain it for another 8 days and make the 40 day mark. I’ll definitely send you pics when I’m done.

    • the more you have to detox the more you experience the bile and the other detoxing you are enduring. my friend who had stage 4 cancer and had endured 12 rounds of chemo … she felt like shit the entire fast, but after 26 days of water fasting, ultimately, she was clear of her cancer that the chemo didnt kill. stay strong. dont stop now. good job.
      for me, i have to exercise when i fast to feel good. maybe try to go for a walk, and see how it helps you feel.

  40. I’m amazed by all of you. I can’t make it to even 5 days, the fith day I end up lying on the bathroom floor vomiting bile. I have tried and failed so many times over about 9 years of being called to fast. I am a 34 year old female and very overweight despite not having children and it shouldn’t be this difficult but my body is very toxic it seems. I do better with dry fasting but still can’t get to 5 days with that either 🙁

    • its very mental. when i put my mind to it, i can dry fast easily for 5 days (not have any water or food) .. or water fast for 30 days … but when i half heartedly do the fast, i always break it and i focus on the hunger.
      you obviously have a lot to detox. i suggest you read as much as you can on “water fasting” .. pure water fasting, and not the bull shit american style of “broth” or soups … that small calorie gives you a little bit of energy, then your body is going to crave more. thats why water fasting is easier than starving oneself and only eating few hundred calories.
      you can 100% do a 21 day water fast … without question. but in order for you to achieve this — you must organize and have lots and lots of water, and want to do the fast. the hardest part is the first 5 days…irronically, you are stopping at the very end of the hardest part.
      read the book “fasting and sunbathing” by herbert shelton (check out the links at the bottom of each of my blogs on fasting) i am NOT trying to sell anything .. so my input is sincere. i have nothing to do with fasting … other than i am a big believer in the power of fasting. re-read my blogs on fasting, and check out the links on them. Loran Lockman is a group resource for info. his youtube channel. good luck and keep me posted when you achieve 21 days. then after you fast and detox your body … stop eating meat, chicken and all that processed sugar in america. you can do it — but you ahve to want it more than anything else.

  41. Hi Scott! Thank you for sharing a very intriguing and inspiring blog! I couldn’t agree more that you must be in a proper mindset going into a fast. I ended my last fast at 23 days (40 day goal), after feeling like death towards the end. I am soon going to try again, and had a question. Since I will be documenting the fast this time around, I was wondering if it would be worth making some sort of experiment out of it. Do you think any MDs would be interested in documenting data from my fast?

    • from my experience, Dr’s are not interested in fasting … because it takes away business from them. send me at mail at SR@naseba.com to tell me more about your fast. I will also doing another fast in the near future. 6 weeks ago, i fasted 20 days with 11 of the days “dry fast” no food or water .. great experience. good luck

      • Thanks for the reply! I will start in a few days, and will mail you about my blueprint/supplements. Very excited to hear your thoughts.

        • important note: a strict water fast is only water — there is no need to take suppliments. if you are going to ‘water fast’ then just drink water — nothing else, including any salt or any suppliment.

  42. Dolly Templeton

    I just wanted to say thank you. Last year I set out to do a 40 day water fast, but ended up stopping after 25 days. It did help me heal through some things. I just set out to do a 40 day fast but went back to the master cleanse since it was a very spiritual journey in 2004. Today I just wanted to read other stories and I agree positivity is the only way… Even in my weakness God is strong. Day 5 going strong. Thanks for sharing!

  43. How did you break your fast? How long did it take for you to eat regularly once again? How do you recommend breaking a 21 and 40 day fast?

  44. Hello Scott 🙂
    Wow! Coming across this is so inspiring. I’ve been doing so much reading on fasting because I am keen to try. But as you mentioned. Most of the information is very negative and discouraging. I have a question though,do you carry out enemas during your fasts? On other sites people recommend them and I’d like to know your opinion about it as you have so much experience with it. Otherwise, I hope all is going well for you. And THANK YOU so much for sharing with us. It is very encouraging and prompts one to realise that one can try successfully too.

    • no i have never had an enema. i dont eat meat and have fasted a lot over the past 5 years or so, thus i am confident my insides are clean.

  45. Hello Scott!
    I am so glad to have found your blog and comments from fellow fasters. I’m at day 5 of my fast. I intended to fast until Easter, which would be 25 days-but after reading this I’m inspired to go longer. I’ve completed longer fasts before: multiple 21, a few 30, and once a 39 day fast. I wanted to do 40 days but was enormously hungry towards the end. However, after breaking that fast, I immediately regretted not powering through. It is completely mental as you say, and it helps so much to have positive supporters. I’m coming here to get inspiration when needed!

    • its mental. if you were incredibly hungry, it might mean your fast was over .. your body had no more fat stores. 2 years ago, i attempted 40 days and day 33-35 i was unbearably hungry and broke the fast. i had burned all my body fat, thus my body said it was time to end. when i did 40 days last year, i gained 10 kilo before, and i wasnt hungry at the end of it … and probably could have gone another 7-10 days. keep me posted – make it happen. i highly recommend Jentsen Franklin’s book, Fasting and Prayer. Reading the book helps me a lot (to stay focused) during my fast.

  46. Rosa Houser

    Hi, could you give some advice on refeeding after an extended fast. I am currently on a 21 day fast. After doing a 30 day fast last year my legs swelled up 6 days after refeeding. It happened after I drank a cherry/beet smoothie. Probably too sweet. This time I am thinking of refeeding in a keto style. Please give me your advice. Thanks! Rosa

  47. Hello Scott,
    Thank you for the supportive response.
    Oh, there were plenty of fat reserves – particularly for just One. More. Day. I just gave in to the naysayers when the challenge peaked. Then rationalized that it was long enough. I’m at day 16 and really feeling more energetic and positive than I have on any previous fasts. The only difference is embracing the mental challenge and I have a clearly defined goal of deepening my appreciation of my opportunities here on the planet.

    Thank you for the Franklin book recommendation. I hadn’t heard of him before. I’ve been looking at his book The Fasting Edge which has been a positive, encouraging read.


  48. Hi Scott. I stumbled upon your article which has inspired me greatly. I’m currently on day 36 of my intended 50 days fast and things have been going well apart from the expected discomfort in the first few weeks. I’m fasting to control and possibly reverse my recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetes and haven’t encountered any major issues with blood glucose etc. I’m doing it without any medical supervision since my doctor is one of those who believe diabetics need to be dependent on pills for the rest of their lives. I did not even bother discussing my decision to water fast with him. I am drinking exclusively pure water and took a few multi vitamins and magnesium/potassium in the first week until I decided to be strict with myself and stop taking any supplements. My concern is about re feeding after such an extended fast and I wanted to have your opinion about what’s the best way to break my fast. I’ve read about people breaking their fast with watermelon and diluted juice but I also read contradicting information about some people breaking their fast with proteins. Since I expect my potassium level to be very low having not taken supplements, what should I break my fast with?

    • great job on making this happen … and i will be very interested to hear about your blood results after it is over. A close friend of my wife had stage 4 hochkins lymphoma and i forced her to water fast … and she did 28 days and after the fast, her PET scan was clear .. she cured herself of cancer. i witnessed this myself. i know it is true. The key as well is to change your diet after the fast. Stop sugar, oils and salt .. and try to move to a vegan diet. I am not expert at all … and i do not break my fasts the correct way. However, each time i have done long fasts, and had my blood work checked, all my levels were normal, thus i am not so sure your potassium level will be low. my experience says it will be normal but i am not an expert.
      fruit is always the best way to break a fast – esp. watermelon. please drop another comment when you make it to 50 days and do your blood work. I bet you cure yourself. keep me posted.

    • I highly suggest you watch lots of videos on Loren Lockman’s youtube channel.


      loren seems to be the main expert on water fasting – at least the best i have come across. he surely has a video discussing fasting and curing diabetes. only 2 weeks left … you can do it. keep it up and please update me when you finish

    • i do not take any suppliments whatsoever – never … I am against taking suppliments and or prescription or over the counter drugs.
      i never ever get sick. i am sure its because i water fast every few months.
      check out Loren’s site and surely there is good info on the best way to break a fast.

  49. Hello Mr. Ragsdale,

    I have completed many water fasts, my longest being 26 days. I have recently started a 40 day water fast. I plan to break fast on June 3rd. I am a certified holistic health coach and even with knowing all the reasons this is so good, I am nervous.I very badly want to accomplish this but I am afraid. My purpose is for healing and spiritual break through.
    Your knowledge and positivity has been very helpful. I find myself reading it over again everyday.
    My apologies for being long winded! 🙂 I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to reach people on this topic. It is very inspiring. Love and light to you and your family!


    • have a good fast. remember its very mental, and much easier than people think. stay away from the negativity … without question you will face negativity from friends or co workers, esp since you live in america where everyone is an expert. organize yourself with lots of water — and i strongly advise you do NOT take any suppliments, no salt or vitamins ..nothing but water. make it happen. drop me update when you get to day 20 and day 30. you can do this – but you have to make it happen.

  50. I have tried fasting but never got beyond 5 days. How do you maintain mental clarity when you fast? I find myself getting very tired and easily distracted when I fast, making it difficult to fast when I work. Any suggestions on how to get by? I’m planning to do a 21 day fast for health reasons, but worried that it may interfere with my work

    • fasting is much much much easier than everyone says it is. i guess people think it looks cool to act like strict water fasting is difficult.
      if you really want to water fast, then do it. stop telling yourself how hard it is, and worry over work. then begin the fast on a thursday. you will hafve only 2 work days … from the 5th day, your hunger is gone. but all of this is very mental. if you want to do this … and focus on achieving 21 days, then you dont care about a few days of being hungry … because after 4-5 days you have no hunger. it all depends on you, and what you want to do and achieve.
      do not listen to all the negativity that will pollute your life as you fast (esp. since you live in america – we, the people are opinionated, negative .. and seeing you achieve a 21 day water fast will hurt the feelings of all the people in your life who cant / dont think they can.
      but stop telling yourself you cant. i recently dry fasted 10 days. i did not eat or drink for 10 days, and still went to work. i didnt do a blog on the 10 day dry fast because the truth is .. the dry fast was very easy, and i enjoyed it a lot. but … i wanted to do the dry fast and organized for it.
      21 days is great … but you have to make it happen. Let the truth be known – water fasting is much much easier than all those moaners on youtube, who are just trying to look cool say it is.

    • sorry – i didnt address your questions —
      i suggest if you really want to water fast, you begin on a thursday, so you have only thursdy and friday at work, and satursday/sunday will be the toughest = but its very very mental.
      i fast very often. every couple months or so, and even my wife has noticed … when i am focused, and want to fast, i fast very easily. however, when my heart is not into the fast .. and i just rush into the fast, i am hungry, and get distracted … and ultimately break it. so its very mental.
      a very close friend of my wife and i … she had stage 4 hochkins lymphoma … chemo did not work. she had less than 6 months … and i forced her to water fast. she water fasted for 26 days, and cleared herself of the cancer. i know its true because i witnessed this myself. water fasting is very healthy and will surely help cure you of whatever ailment you have … even cancer. but you have to be focused and strict .. and not get distracted by all the negativity you will face.

      • Thank you for your advice. Another thing – based on your experience, does the hair thin during fasting? I’ve seen videos and forums where people who water fasted for extended periods ended up losing a lot of hair. Just wanted to hear any experiences that you have seen personally. Thank you.

        • i shave my head. i have read that fasting improves hair quality and color – including turning grey hair to the original color. i hve read several different people experiencing very positive changes to their hair color and quality. my wife did a 21 day water fast and she said her hair quality improved.

          • you will take this comment the wrong way … but you have not begun to water fast, and all the questions you ask about are founded on negatives.

            you didnt ask about the incredible, all day long energy one experiences when they fast…or the great detoxing of the body…or how much sharper my mind seems, and my memory is far better when i am fassting …. there are so many great things to discuss and focus on .. instead of the points some moaners on youtube focus on because negativity sells … i say it again — strict water fasting is very very easy — and much much easier and enjoyable than the negataive people share.

  51. Hi! What an inspiering blog!
    I am on day 6 of my 11 day fast. I initially wanted to go for 14 or 21 days. but the 17th of May is our national day here in Norway and my sister invited me to stay with her for the weekend. I can’t tell her about the fast with her being a doctor and a former anorexic.. she would be furious. 🙁
    And I don’t want to skip the celebrations with her since us is my favourite holiday. must also add that my sister is very dear to me and I don’t want to scare or hurt her.

    But I am determined to start a 14 or 21 day fast when I get back home again!

    How do you feel with social situations like this? Do you abstain from them or tell your family even tho they will be scared and angry. And might even take it personal, she will definitely think i have an eating disorder based on her oiwn expieriences..

  52. WOW I am so glad I found your blog. I needed a positive approach toward fasting so thank you for sharing your experience. today is the first day of my 30 day water fast. I did a number of 7-10 day fasts before I had my daughter and I remember feeling GREAT exercising during my fasts. she is now 2 years old and I am still 40 pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. I know that water fasting is the only way out for me. I will update when I am done with my fast 🙂

    • have a good fast. the hardest part is the first 4 days. from day 5 its very easy. update me when you get to 15 days. dont listen to any negativity.

      • Day 15 is almost over and I feel fine. you were right, the hunger does go away but the mental struggle to eat is REAL. I started to feel light, energized and in control starting from day 8. This morning I was a bit dizzy and nauseous for the first time after so many days. I think I need to take a bit of salt with my water today. I have been exercising for two hours every day ( moderate effort) and I have lost a total of 20 pounds as of this morning.

        I have been reading the comments in this page for extra motivation 🙂

        • good job. dont stop. the only time i tried salt in the middle of a fast, i noticed it made me hungry and or think about food.
          dont think too much. a month or so ago, i did a 10 day dry fast that went very well .. mainly because i did not think about it, and or constantly analyze how i was feeling … i just did it, and it went well. I am on day 12 of a fast now. I wanted to do the first 7 days dry, but after 4 days i kept thinking and talking to myself, and ultimately drank water and stopped the “dry” fast. Its the same with everything in our life. when we are focused, organized and want to achieve something … we have a much better chance of going to the end instead of thinking and analyzing each move. You are on day 16 of a water fast …of course you feel different. There is only a few times i got dizzy or nauseous during a fast (this rarely happens to me) …i reflect back wonder how much of it was mental?? … maybe i was tired and just told myself i was feeling dizzy or nausea etc because unconsciously my body was trying to get me to stop the fast. Good luck

  53. Jennifer Faye

    Hi I’m so glad I found this blog . I have been studying dr sebi for awhile now and have been wanting to work my way up to a 40 day fast for spiritual reasons and health ofcourse. Dr Sebi had mentioned fasting corrected his vision from day 30 – 35 he was too weak to walk and was stuck in his bed but after day 36 he felt great and his eye sight was corrected , no need for wearing glasses anymore. Has anyone else experienced this ?

  54. Hi, this page has been great inspiration source to me. Tomorrow, i will begin one ten-day fasting, only water. Thanks, Scott.

    • Hi Scott,
      Know a good place in the emirates peaceful and quiet enough to do a long fast?
      Finding a place with little to no distractions is my greatest problem.
      I have some experience with fasting so I am not looking for supervision. I have a dream of hitting the 40 day mark.
      A church lodging , monastery lodging ,around like minded people would be ok
      Thanks for your encouraging post.

  55. femmesquire

    Holy crap! You are amazing!!! You are like a spiritual Bruce Wayne or something!! I found this post very inspirational. Thanks for all the links at the end. I will check those out.

  56. Victoria McClure

    Hi Scott.

    Ive Been dipping my toe in the waters of the extended water fasts and I keep failing and was wondering if you could help me. My goal is to loose 60lbs by my friends wedding on October the 5th and was wondering what you think my best game plan would be. I was aiming to start with a 30 day water fast but what would you recommend?

    Look forward to hearing from you and hearing your advice.

    • i suggest if you have never fasted before … you do 21 days. Do not listen to any of your friends negative input. Do strict water fast … no salt; no juice; no suppliments…no vitmanins. Do a real, proper water fast … focus on achieving 21 days. if you are christian, read Jentzen Franklin’s “Prayer and Fasting” … that always helps me stay focused. your issue will be the negativity you will get from the people around you … but remember: fasting has been around for 1000s of years… and is the ultimate way to cleanse, detox, burn fat, and its proving to kill cancer.
      once you decide you are going to do this — do it, and do it to the end. too many people come to my blog, get all excited, say they are gonna fast … but ultimately, after a few days … and negativity from their enviornment … they stop.
      fasting is much much much easier than people thing … and its far easier than the people on youtube are pretending it to be.
      i recently did a 10 day dry fast. i share that with you because it was easy … and for me its easier to dry fast than to water fast … but if you look at youtube, you see people act like they are doing something special if they dry fast for 3 days.
      fasting is simple — but you have to mentally want to do it … and then not stop until you get to your goal.
      the first 5 days will be a challenge … but after that, its easy .. and you will have zero hunger.
      make it happen and send me message after you get to 21 days … and then if you can, go longer. good luck

      • victoria mcclure

        Wow thank you so much for the quick reply.

        Okay Im going to give it my all and keep you posted.

        I say you drank perrier would that be aloud or pelligrino? and any Teas you would not recommend?

        I was really interested to see that you exercised the entire time most say you shouldn’t.

        Thank you so much for your help

        • yes, on some fasts i drink perrier or pelligrino — as long as it doesnt have any sugar or fake sugar.
          i ran a full marathon on day 30 of a 30 day water fast and it was my fastest marathon by 17 minutes. (i did not have anything, but water for those 30 days and on day 30 ran much faster than i ever have)
          i need to exercise when i fast, and i notice that i feel much much better when i exercise while fasting. i am not suggesting you do this, esp. if you are not used to daily exercise or training.
          i dont drink tea .. and remember you are water fasting, and if you are drinking teas or suppliments, it will take away from the fast. But when i water fast, i drink a coffee when i wake up – but that coffee is the only thing different to water. you can easily do 21 days if you put your mind to it and dont let the negatvity from “friends” bring you down. good luck

  57. Victoria McClure

    Okay great thank you so mcc for your help.

    One last question.

    With exercise and being consistent on sticking to the 21 days to start do you think I may reach my weight loss goals in a two month period?

    • assuming you stay focused, and achieve 21 days … i would expect you to easily push to do another 10 days so ultimately you can go for 30-40 days.

      you will lose 40+ lbs. once you complete the fast, then begin a vegan diet/lifestyle and you will lose the rest. The key is making sure you do not go crazy and eat like crazy after the fast. i highly suggest you cut out the sugar and meat … you will see weight will fall off you.

  58. Victoria McClure

    Wow. Great.. Thank you so much.

    It is motivation in-itself to hear what can happen.

    I will keep you posted. Starting day 1 tomorrow

  59. Hi, I have started a consecration fast with a goal of 40 days. I have completed day 2, water only, praise God. My focus is purely spiritual, to discern God’s voice more clearly and to further deny the flesh in order to live by the spirit. I am determined to make it through these first days for Jesus. He did it, and so much more for us, how can I not pursue it. I wrote the phrase on my hand “wait one hour” and each time habit hunger tempts me to break or to give in with juice, I read it and I pray. This has worked all day today. I am pleased to find your blog, and although I do not relish exercise in the way that you do, I will be incorporating it into my daily fast as well. Thank you for your encouraging testimonies.

    • stay strong and focused. hunger is very mental — when you think that you are hungry, you will be. Dont think about food … and especially after 4-5 days your hunger will be gone. soon i will do another 40 day fast with the focus of hearing God’s voice. when you get to 21 days, drop me an update. then get to 40.

  60. Hey Scott, I was really blessed by your article. I have been a long time Christian but never fasted longer than three days. I was feeling lead to do a seven day fast (I know that sounds weak compared to 40 days) but was being held back by fear. This was because the first three days are so difficult. So seven days it is! Thanks, and God bless.

    • If you can do 7 days, surely you can do 21. 21 days is iconic length… Truth is after 7 days fasting is very easy. Have a good fast, and make sure you don’t take any vitamins or auplimwnts or salts… Just water. Good luck

  61. Hello again! Last year I did the 40 water fast with excellent results (Aug 6-Sept 15, 2018). For one thing, my emotional makeup completely stabilized. I had been dx’d with complex PTSD, and had gone through a lot of therapy and even taken medication at one point, all of which was helpful. But going through the fast seems to have really cleaned out my gut (“the second brain”) and stabilized me further than any other therapy. I’ve retained most of the results. I’m starting another fast, and on day 3 now. Not entirely sure whether I will go all 40 days, as I don’t have the body mass I had last year. But we shall see. I’m going to go until I reach true hunger again, which is what happened on Day 37 last year. So we shall see. Anyway, just documenting here: Day 3 (started again on August 6), and hunger was fierce this morning but I ignored it and it is gone now. My blood sugar seems to be stabilizing. I’m really happy to be doing this again. (please don’t use my last name if you post this).

  62. Hello ,
    I am very intrigued with doing an extended fast to kill cancer ( stage 4 NHL ) . You mentioned a book in the credits but the link does not work …can you please reference the name of the book and the author ?
    I have been KETO 2 years and have been doing IF . Recently, I started ADF3x36 ( alternate day fasting ) . I’m interested in doing a 21 plus day fast .
    I’ve got Dr Fungs book , but he doesn’t speak to longer extended fasts . I Would really appreciate some insight into reading material for extended fasts .
    Your journey is amazing to read , thank you for sharing .

    • i am not sure of the link you refer to .. but a book that i highly recommend is https://www.amazon.com/Science-Fasting-Sunbathing-Hygienic-System-ebook/dp/B005M77ZX6
      my wife’s friend had stage 4 cancer. chemo/radiation did not work and that was it … i forced her to water fast. i would take her water (evian) every morning and really chased her to water fast. She had a very negative experience because detoxing all the chemo/radiation but she water fasted for 28 days. a week after her water fast she had another PET scan and she was cancer free. Water fasting starves the body of sugar and cancer feeds on sugar. i am not a Dr. but i am certain that water fasting is very very healthy – and can cure cancer. there are many stories about water fasting curing people of cancer. i witnessed it first hand. water fasting is the ideal way to heal oneself.
      I highly recommend Loren Lockman’s youtube channel.

  63. Thank you for sharing your journeys. I’ve done many 3 day fasts, and I completed a 21 day fast last year. Looking back, the 21 day fast was fairly easy. Yes, the boredom though. I am starting a 30 day fast tomorrow to lose weight and get off the simple carbs again. I feel addicted. Question: do you “let yourself” think about post-fast eating during your fast? Or do you train yourself to not think about food or even strategize about what you will do differently when it’s done? Maybe it’s best to simply stay in the moment, and just DO the fast. For me, I know the fast is the first step; the change I need to make long term is the second step. I think OMAD with limited simple carbs will be the right thing for me. Thank you. I will make it happen.

    • its very mental. if you think about food and eating … and are around the house and bored, you will be tempted to eat.
      I am not an expert – i fast often and believe in fasting as a cure all for everything … and i love to fast — but the times that i half heartedly fasted … and found myself dreaming of eating was the times i didnt reach my goal length. My suggestion – focus on the cool adventure. Dont listen to any negativity … and use all the negativity you will surely face to motivate you to complete the fast. Think of the positive impact you will have on your family and friends … co workers … everyone around you who will witness you throughout the 30 days. Focus on achieving the end … there will be plenty of time to eat later.
      also – when i get tired and or unfocused, I read about fasting. I am christian and a lot of the reason i fast is to humble myself – so when i get distracted and think about eating or have more hunger pains than usual, i read “Prayer and Fasting” by Jentzen Franklin. Or a book that is not spiritual “Fasting and Sun bathing” by Herbert Sheldom (i have read both these books numerous times.
      But …. as I discussed at the beginning of the 40 day fast blog … its super super mental. Just focus on your climb … slowly, but surely you will get to the top of your mountain. good luck and keep me posted

    • also – i highly recommend Loren Lockman’s youtube — when you get down and distracted and want to break your fast, go to youtube and watch one of his videos. It will help get you to remember why you are fasting and the massive benefits of fasting are having on your body and mind.

      • Thank you for your suggestions and positivity. I’m excited. I choose to be excited, as if it’s already done. And in a way, it IS already done, because I am going to do it. What a relief I will feel in 30 days, when my body and mind feel right and good again. And my goodness, it’s only 30 days! It’s a miracle, really. Fasting. What other thing could bring these benefits in that amount of time? Nothing. There are times, when I feel my body fights me, when I am addicted to processed food, I feel my body is against me. Fasting reminds me that my body is just fine. My body is not the problem. It’s the “food”. Our food supply is toxic, and we are suffering so greatly because of it. Well, fasting helps us say “I will participate no longer”. It IS a road less travelled. Bless the great Mr. Frost.

        • Every 10 days post a comment and don’t quit or stop until you get to 30 days. Good luck

  64. Hi Scot,
    I was very impressed with your fast and have gone through some references. My question is what is your opinion about liver flushes and whether a water fast is preferable to deal with fatty liver and gallstones? Am generally in good health otherwise and have no symptoms from the gall stones which are large according to ultrasound

    • sorry – i am not an expert and give no health advice … other than to say i believe a long water fast cures just about everything.
      a close friend had stage 4 cancer … chemo didnt work. i literally made her water fast and i fasted with her … and ultimately, she was all clear of her cancer after 26 days of a water fast (i wish she had done 40 days, but she stopped after 26 days — my experience is the longer the water fast, the better – as long as one is not too thin and still have fat on their body)

  65. I am so happy I came across your post. I am currently on day 10 of a 21 day fast and I was ready to give up on Day 5. For some reason it was extraordinarily difficult. Your post and all the comments gave me the motivation I needed to continue. My fast was originally going to be a 7 day fast and 2 days ago I decided to extend it to a 10-day and now a 21-day fast. Whenever I feel like giving up, I come back to this post and all of the comments and it spurs me on. Thank you

    • its crazy how mental it all is …
      keep making it happen and post a comment once you reach your goal.
      good job.

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