Donald Trump is a victim.

Donald Trump is a victim.


Let’s be completely honest…

Donald Trump was elected President by people who voted for him because he can pick up strippers and sleep with porn stars.

Whether we like the guy or not, America’s economy is doing well with very low unemployment; the stock market is soaring, and the economy growing.

I know … I know … I know …

the current success in the country has nothing to do with President Trump

… however, it can be argued that as the President of the country, current success is somewhat linked because he is the leader, thus the one instilling confidence into the markets.


CNN and most of the news channels in America are hammering us nonstop about negative, salacious stories on President Trump…

This constant, non-stop focus on negativity is killing America.

If what Stormy says is true, she had the opportunity to have sex with President Trump one time …. 10+ years ago.

Think about it for a second.

We, the people are getting hammered and hammered every day about a story of a one night stand that happened more than 10 years ago.

But how does any of this help the country?

And this Russia stuff …and the multi-multi- millions being spent on the investigation…what positive for the average American is being achieved by any of this???

Who cares about Russia!!!!

If by complete chance the two biggest political animals of our time, Hillary and Bill didn’t collude themselves with some dodgy country, without a doubt they would have jumped on the opportunity if it came their way and could help them win an election.

As America becomes further and further consumed by more and more (nonstop) negativity…

You can trust that China is sitting back nice and quietly … with their political and business genius’ of leaders smiling and high fiving each other as they watch America’s self-inflicted chaos consume and destroy the country…making it even cheaper, easier and surely quicker for them to completely own and dominate the world.






2 thoughts on “Donald Trump is a victim.

  1. In my opinion, this is a very myopic view that lacks depth. A president, or any leader, is responsible for more than economy. There is something to be said for the downfall of American values due to our president’s moral failings being normalized (like in this blog post), the rise of racism/division, and the failing hope that America is the land of opportunity.

    No other nation in our world has ever had the prestige and openness of the United States as seen by foreigners – until Trump happened. I am a naturalized citizen and my family came here with hopes like many others, and we made a very good life for ourselves. But today, I know very few people, in my family or otherwise, that would want to come to a country that is ruled by a man that encourages manipulation and devaluing human rights. Money helps a lot – but there is more to life than that.

    I am truly sad that my young daughter is growing up in a climate that is so cruel – and that cruelty is accepted – and her upbringing and social conditioning will reflect that, impacting future generations. My visions for America, the World, and our collective future is one that is devoid of negativity and one where people are a bridge to each other, and I don’t see Trump working towards that in any way.

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