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All the focus, obsession and worry over being liked and followed on social media is a waste of time and energy.

I should warn the reader that this blog post is very opinionated … but I challenge the reader to reflect on how much time you spend on social media such as Instagram or Facebook, etc and what real value is it adding to your life?

Recently, I met a guy at a dinner party who told me completely out of the blue that he has “over 40,000 twitter followers.”

“My name is Toby, you should invite me to speak at some of your events, I have more than 40,000 followers on twitter…”

The next day i had a 2-hour row session and over the 2 hours, I reflected on the conversation, and I realized this was  the guys most cherished achievement … he has a bunch of “followers…”

Personally, I am not good at this social networking stuff and all the self-promotion — and I don’t understand why someone needs to beg and plead for people to like and follow them.

“If you like this blog … please follow me…please, please like me…” 
I feel dirty saying stuff like that …it’s just not my style to beg people to like me.

I quit facebook completely.  I rarely use LinkedIn, and I don’t use Twitter or Instagram at all.

I just can’t do it.

At the end of the day, I don’t care if people like me or if people like this blog.  I have a blog because it helps me focus. 

…and all the ridiculous misinformation, fake news and lies being spread via these platforms, esp. facebook and the incredibly negative impact it is having on children … who sit at home and worry/focus on being liked and followed instead of going outside and experiencing life … but, that’s a discussion for another day…

I wonder how many decisions are being made based on the number of Facebook “like’s” something receives?

Are people being judged by their achievements and quality of their character or by the number of Twitter followers they have?
(although our marketing team has my blog linked on twitter – I do not use Twitter)

Several people reading this blog are in some way involved in a leadership position within their company, school, sports team or community – even if you’re not a leader, I assume you are aspiring to become one.

Do great leaders care if he or she is liked?

In my humble opinion, a leader needs to inspire, motivate and get people to do what they don’t want to do, and enjoy doing it – and not worry about being liked in the process.

Look around you or at the very least, reflect.

I bet …

the best leader/manager/mentor/coach … you have had in your life — the person who got the most out of you, whether it was on a sports team or job, etc. in your life didn’t/ doesn’t care if people liked them on facebook.

Instead of worrying about what people will “like ..” focus on doing whatever it is you are doing and ensure you are doing it to the best of your ability – and do it honorably.





2 thoughts on “All the focus, obsession and worry over being liked and followed on social media is a waste of time and energy.

  1. Kristina Papialiayeva

    Thanks for posting! I think it’s just a great way to connect and create a bigger impact and help more people on their journey! Only if we turn the voice of ego down and focus on service to others through social media – this can be an awesome tool! For example, I personally learnt through Inner Fight Instagram account about all fantastic activities you do with water fasting, crazy races, discipline etc and it all inspired me to do some similar things but in my own way! Now I do water fasting once per week and its only because I learned it from you on social media. So I say massive thank you to all social media and “likes” that helped me to learn from the best, grow my mindset and contribute! If Titans like you have an active social media accounts you will be able to create such a massive positive shift in hearts and minds of people who you never met and show on your own example HOW TO LIVE THE TRUTH! Its so painful to see that most of the people don’t live their truth and don’t have any example to follow…

    • many great points — thank you. I did try to warn the reader that it was a very opinionated post.
      keep making your life happen.

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