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Guest writers for naseba 7

As i am sure you are all aware, Scott is currently on his 3rd day of the naseba 7 challenge. Accompanying him on the challenge are several of his fellow “pirates” and the infamous “burger boys” (Andy Collier a.k.a. Candy … Read more

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no time for melodrama

This was my first run since the crash 12 days ago.  I ran 45 minutes. 

Because my leg got infected the lymph nodes in my pelvic region are swollen which makes my entire groin area is extremely sore. 
It was … Read more

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don’t call it a come back…

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getting back up

Because of the Eid holiday in Dubai this video is late being posted. 
I don’t like the video mainly because of my commentary isnt great, but I post the video anyways because several people have asked me to post it.… Read more

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