• the world has too many pussies teaching us how to grow up to be total pussies.

    November 26, 2015


    I spent the weekend at my home in France with a close friend of mine, Jules Roberts who flew over from London, and together we enjoyed a few days of great food and wine …

    At dinner, we discussed something that seems to be dominating our world today — this thinking: “everyone’s a winner…”

    Jules told me about a recent triathlon where one of the participants was so out of shape and unprepared for the race that he failed to make the ‘swim cut off,’ but on Facebook and twitter the guys coach and hundreds of people from his triathlon club bombarded social media, flooding it with many obsequious positive comments, cheering and praising this person because “at least he tried …”

    I repeat…

    It didn’t matter that the guy in discussion was so out of shape and unprepared for the race that he failed to make the swim ‘cut off’ of the triathlon, he still got loads and loads of positive support and a nice pat on the head “good boy…” because “at least he tried…”

    This story of mediocrity is absurd, but its everywhere.

    Everybody’s a winner.” 
    “It’s ok if you fail as long as you try…”
    “Oh..you don’t feel good today?? No problem…just go home and rest… it’s ok, you will feel better tomorrow.”

    Too many coaches, friends, teachers are pushing this weak, total pussy way of thinking onto people because it absolves them from responsibility.

    And its killed/killing people’s spirit to achieve until the end.

    Whether we are doing a job, a sport/physical activity, or even a new role in the office … by allowing this idea “it’s ok if you fail, at least you tried”  … enables people to only half-heatedly prepare.

    The fear of failure and the consequence of lack of preparation is gone because “at least I tried.”

    In the real world, performance and results are the only thing that count.

    In the real world not everybody wins.  And I am not talking about winning races.  I am talking about achieving.

    Victory and achievement — success favors the one who is most prepared.

    It’s ok!! If you are not committed, focused and prepared to work hard consistently, and put yourself in a situation to be able to achieve until the end whether in the classroom, on the field or in the office
    because someone else out there will be.

    If you are going to go after something, whether its a physical challenge, race, job, or even something as simple as a diet, make sure you are prepared and ready, and in shape enough to make it happen.

    There is no summit half way up the mountain.
    Note: in reference to my word choice in the title of this blog in describing someone weak and useless as a “pussy”…

    When I think of a “total pussy” its not in reference whatsoever to a woman/women; and my word choice is not meant to compare someone weak and useless to a woman.

    Most if not all women I know, go to the end of their goals … (I can only think of two women I know who don’t)
    and the example I used in the blog was a fat, dumpy man who failed at even achieving the finish of the swim on a triathlon because he was probably too lazy to train properly to get in shape to achieve.

    From my experience, this doesnt/wouldnt happen to women … because most women always make sure they are ready and prepared before they attempt to go after a goal/challenge. unlike many men who half ass and half heartedly go after things.

    If I used “wimp” or “jimpie” or “clown” in the title it would not at all have the same explicit meaning for the reader as “total pussy” is understood to be.…

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