• don’t get fooled into thinking something is more difficult than it really is …

    March 3, 2015

    I think the world is celebrating marginal achievement to the point where truly impressive achievements are getting lost in social media buzz.

    I had a newspaper interview last week and the reporter brought up how “impressive” he thought some of my achievements are….

    But I stopped the guy from saying more, and pointed that what I am doing and or have done is not truly “special.”  I am just going after goals I have set.

    I brought up this “facebook selfie” obsessed world we live in today…

    And how too many people are doing only marginally difficult things, yet actively self-promote how “remarkable” they are … and many of these people are so self-absorbed  that they seem to get lost in their own thoughts of personal greatness.

    I saw this advertisement on facebook by some guy who is telling people to come “listen to him tell about his epic achievement”  (you only have to pay $20 to listen to him tell you how great he is).

    And what the guy achieved is kick ass … but he didn’t have a job, and was fully sponsored to train and plan to go after his goal.

    I suspect that most people reading this can achieve great things if you don’t have to worry about working, and just train all day long for your goal.  I know my job often gets in the way of my training ..

    In my opinion, it would have been even more “epic” if this guy had managed a full time job and organized his time to train and achieve.

    Training to run a marathon, climbing a 8,000 meter mountain or even what I am doing now, training to race across America on a bike and preparing to solo row the Atlantic is NOT as difficult as it sounds.

    One must have the drive, focus, finances as well as a supportive family and friends to go after whatever goal we have set.

    Often the biggest obstacle is not finances, but ones own mindset: don’t get blinded by the bull shit about how difficult it is to climb a mountain, or do an ironman, or ride a bike across America or even learn another language…

    You just have to want to “achieve” … more than you want to sleep in late or go out and waste time with your friends, etc.

    Before Christmas, I got forwarded a video about an American high school girl, Kayla Montgomery who has become one of the top long distance runners in America.
    What makes Kayla’s achievement remarkable is that she has MS (multiple sclerosis) and when she runs her legs get numb, she can’t feel her feet. Her coach must stand at the end of the race and catch her because she loses total control over her legs.

    The young woman knows for certain that within a year she will become completely paralyzed … yet, she pushes herself every day to go out and train, and she tries to get faster.

    Kayla Montgomery is remarkable, and her daily achievements and positive attitude is what i consider to be truly impressive – she deserves to get more attention and promotion for her great acheivement in the face of adversity.

    Please take 7 minutes of your time and watch this video — and think about your own goals.
    (i could write for hours about this video and how inspirational and well spoken this young woman is … but her video says it all)

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