• 35 days without eating or drinking anything, but water…

    May 17, 2017

    One of my personal goals this year is to do a  40 day water fast.

    In 2016, I did 20, 22 and 30 day water fasts over the year.  I felt great during each of those fasts.

    I feel so good when I fast that it’s a “fasting high” that I am chasing – and this incredible great feeling is a big motivator for me to fast and why I find fasting to be easy.
    I want to feel that nonstop great feeling/high all over again.

    I only do water fasting, and not juice fasts.  Juice has sugar and carbohydrates, and from my experience the “fast” results and feelings are not at all the same as when I do a water fast.

    To be completely honest  —  it is a big mental challenge to organize one’s life to only drink water for long extended periods of time —  I like the mental challenge and focus I am forced to have when I fast.

    This year I want to break 40 days on a water fast.

    But this time I lasted only 35 days …

    I was aiming for 40 days, but unfortunately, I got to day 33/34 and was very tired and extremely, hungry.
    Oddly, my resting heart rate is normally 43-45 bpm but for some reason it was 80-82 on day 35.

    I was tired and felt like crap, and had to leave the office and go home at noon.
    Ultimately, I decided after 35 days to break my fast.

    I have read that you know it’s time to stop a fast when your hunger returns … and day 32,33, 34 I was very hungry.
    This sensation did not happen on the previous fasts I have done.  Normally, one is not hungry at all during a fast.

    I think I began this water fast too thin … so by day 28 I had burned all my fat stores and I started to become hungry.

    I went to a Dr. from day 1 and then again on day 36.  I had my blood work, weight and even took an EKG on day 1 and then again on day 36.

    When the Dr. measured my resting heart rate on day one it was 43 bpm, and on day 36 it was 82 bpm!!!

    My resting heart rate should have either remained the same as day 1 or gone down a beat or two …
    All other fasts I have done, my resting heart rate has gone down a beat or two towards the end of the fast.  Normally, it is expected your heart rate lowers, and does not increase!

    Also, something worth noting is that I did not exercise at all this fast.  All other fasts, I exercised/ran or swam 6 days a week.  On the 22 day fast, I ran a 30 km run on the 22nd day … my fastest 30km run ever, and I felt great after the run.

    This 35 day fast was by far the …

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