• …beware of the haughty spirit.

    January 9, 2018


    I wonder how many great talents, whether in business, government or in sport fall off the proverbial mountain they are climbing because a little success soils their spirit, turning them arrogant, overconfident and leading them to stumble.

    To be clear – It happened to me many years ago, when as a young successful wannabe businessman, quick financial success caused my vision to blur, and my arrogance pushed me off the mountain I was excitedly climbing.

    … However, instead of feeling sorry for myself and seeing myself as a victim, deep personal reflection helped me grow/learn, and I got back up and began climbing again.

    Surely, nowadays it’s all linked to that virus of self-centered arrogance which is consuming our “me-me-me, look at me” world we live in today.

    No matter how successful you might be…
    No matter how good you are in whatever it is you do…
    No matter how beautiful or handsome you think you are…

    Try not to fall into the trap of letting success confuse you into believing you are more important than you really are — too often we tend to forget when it comes to “achievement”  it’s not all about the individual, but about the overall process in the climb … including passionate hard work, honorable ethics, and loyal focus which creates/leads to achievement.

    “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”
    Proverbs 16.18

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