• “40 days and 40 nights water fast challenge” achieved and completed.

    February 21, 2018


    On day 33 of my 40 days and 40-nights water fast challenge… I was flying to Cairo with Giovanna, my 14-year-old daughter.

    For some reason, I went through a period of two to three days of severe insomnia … and the night before I left to travel to Cairo, I did not sleep … basically, I was awake for 40+ hours straight.
    I could not sleep.

    Since I travel often, I am “Platinum” Emirates frequent flyer, so I am allowed to go to the First Class lounge, even if I am not flying First class … and the First class lounge in Dubai is truly 5 star everything.  The food – the wine – everything in the Dubai lounge is amazing.

    At 5am on the drive to the airport,  after being wide awake for nearly 2 days straight, I decided I was going to stop my water fast challenge, and enjoy the First class lounge then ideally sleep on the flight, and have a successful trip to Cairo with my daughter and the business meetings I had scheduled.

    … within a few minutes of my mental decision to stop my fast, I received a WhatsApp message from a close friend in America who I told “it looks like I failed to achieve my 40 day fast again…” and this friend teased me, and told me how terrible I looked … and he told me “eat!!!.”

    At the same time, within seconds of each other, I got a WhatsApp from Matt MacDonald, a close friend of mine who lives in Abu Dhabi, but unlike the other friend, Matt is an endurance athlete and a RAW vegan … and he is incredibly fit.

    I told both these friends, seconds apart that I failed again to reach 40 days … because I was going to stop when I got to the First class lounge at the airport.

    My American buddy teased me even harder and told me how I looked so bad that people will think I am dying of cancer…and we chuckled over his comments.  He really chased and encouraged me to stop my fast because he felt I looked terrible.

    But — the other friend, Matt told me:  “you are only 7 days away from reaching an amazing milestone, 40 days and 40 nights water fast is something exceptional very few people can achieve …” 

    Then he said – “my suggestion is to take 2 hours break and think about it, pray, meditate, and refocus … and then decide if you stop or not.  You have come so far … try not to stop now.”

    The car arrived at the airport, and Giovanna and I quickly and efficiently checked-in and were in the First class lounge within 15 minutes or so of receiving these texts …

    Literally, as I was walking into the lounge, fantasizing about the food and the great wine they serve, I got another teasing text from my friend in America … and he said, “…

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