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    Thursday night, Sophie got a call from a hospital in France concerning “Tata” (the person who raised Sophie and she refers to as her mom) was in a critical condition and not expected to live much longer.
    Sophie had to leave for France immediately, and left early Friday morning … and I had to cancel my 8 hour and 24 hour training rides to take care of Giovanna (my 10 year old).

    It’s Saturday afternoon, and Sophie just called and told me that Tata is brain dead is expected to die within a few hours or so.

    One of the major themes of this blog is on seizing and living one’s life to its fullest.

    The blog I am posting, has a lot of content from a previous post from a couple years ago … but we can all be reminded of its theme:

    “don’t wait until you get cancer to start doing the things you have always wanted to do.”

    Although Sophie refers to Tata as her mom, Tata is Sophie’s cousin, but she was the person who raised Sophie from the time she was a young child.

    Therefore, Tata was much more a mother to Sophie than her real mother; and Tata was a super grandmother to my girls.

    When we moved from Monaco to Dubai (7 years ago), I talked Tata into moving to Dubai with us, and ever the adventurer, she didn’t speak English, but she moved to Dubai.

    She got herself a nice apartment in the marina and began a completely new life …at the age 55.

    Within just a couple months of moving to Dubai, maybe even less …Tata got diagnosed with breast cancer.

    Ultimately, cancer killed Tata, but in many ways, it helped push her to do things she had only dreamed of doing.

    Tata and I were very close .. she was one of my best friends, and we did many adventures together just the two of us.

    She was a tiny, chubby little French lady in her early 60s … which made our friendship so funny because I towered over her.

    When Tata was diagnosed with breast cancer, instantly, she started to seize her life like never before.

    Immediately, she started to learn how to paint, and took classes …

    As she said, “I always wanted to learn how to paint.”

    She became an avid painter, and I proudly display 2 of her paintings in my office.

    She began to learn pottery ….

    As she said, “since I was a child, I always wanted to learn pottery.”

    She took cooking lessons … because “she always wanted to learn more about cooking…”

    And she traveled…

    Although she was well travelled before, over the last 6 years (since she was diagnosed) she travelled to many new countries she had “always wanted to go…”

    7 years ago, Tata and I started a dinner club.

    Together, just the two of us experienced some of the best restaurants in the world … and we wrote about the wine, food, ambiance and overall evening together, keeping even the label of the wine bottle and a photo from each dinner club in a LVMH leather journal that I gave her that first dinner.

    Once she got diagnosed with cancer, each one of our dinner clubs became something even more special to us.

    Tata and I visited 29 restaurants around the world and traveled to 23 international cities… just for dinner.

    Most readers of this blog will probably find it silly to read about a dinner club, and the significance it had for Tata and I.

    But for us, we used these long dinners to speak only in French about many things including our dreams.

    Our dinner club, it pushed us both to go after these dreams because I would make her travel to the places she “always wanted to go” and because of this, I had to prove to her by making my own dreams happen.

    Thus, this dinner club had a big impact on me, my French and making my own goals happen – I had to lead by example and make my goals happen to show her the way.

    She loved to small talk — and I don’t like to small talk at all, but as she was also my French teacher … we affectionately, referred to our dinner club as “small talk dinner club”

    The last dinner club we enjoyed together (the 29th) was several months ago, at Louis XV in Monaco.

    “Louis XV” is one of the top restaurants in the world and a place she told me that she had always dreamed of experiencing.

    During that evening, we looked back over the other 28 dinner clubs in our journal … and the photos, and the stories from each dinner over the past 7 years.

    Tata understood that we didn’t have many more clubs left … she commented about how we were nearing the last page of the journal just like her life was nearing the end.

    But she didn’t seem too sad.  Instead, she talked about how “exciting” her life had been, and how she got to do most of the things she “always wanted to do.”

    I share this personal story in my blog because maybe it will have a positive impact on some of the readers.

    Don’t wait until you get cancer to start doing the things you “have always wanted to do.”Read more

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“……..I shall be telling this with a sigh… somewhere ages and ages hence: two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost

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The main purpose of this blog is to communicate with my employees, leaders at naseba, future employees, my clients, and future clients– at the same time helping me stay focused on my climb.

The photo gallery includes pictures of my different travels and adventures — this section will be updated with more pictures and videos as I travel.

I am posting the pictures of myself in exotic locations to show the readers, esp. the readers in America that the world is much different to what we see on CNN.

Pictures of my travels throughout the Middle East and Africa will hopefully inspire the reader to not let the misinformation in the media prevent you from experiencing the world.

We want the blog to become more interactive, however, we will not post comments which add no value to the discussion, even if the comment is very positive about the blog or me personally.

Please give your input or comment to the discussions, but ensure your comment adds something to the discussion.

Unlike other CEO blogs where the communications or marketing team writes the blog entries for the CEO, I write each entry myself. I travel often so sometimes there might be a few days between entries.

I write only when I have something to add to the discussion.

To keep the blog as focused as possible, I do not discuss or post blogs and pictures about my family.

Lastly, the main purpose of my blog is to manage myself.

If I am going to blog about staying positive – I must stay positive myself.
If I am going to blog about making life happen – I must make my life happen.

However, as loyal readers have noticed, I am also fighting against dishonesty, misinformation, mediocrity, and negativity, all which seem to be sweeping across the world like an uncontrollable virus.

I guess you can say….

I am searching for John Galt.

C. Scott Ragsdale,


Scott Ragsdale was born in 1971 and grew up in Omaha, Nebraska attended high school at The Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with BA in Political Science in 1995.

At the University of California in 1994, Scott was elected President of the Berkeley College Republicans. During his Presidency the club grew to the 2nd largest College Republican club in America.

Prior to co-founding naseba in 2002, he worked as a General Manager for a global business information company in seven different international cities: Tokyo, Sydney, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Monaco, Barcelona and London.

Scott has 15+ years of international management experience and has developed, managed and trained employees from more than 50 nationalities.

He lived in Fukuoka, Osaka, and Tokyo, Japan for 5 years and passed the highest level on the Japanese proficiency exam (1 kyu).

Scott is a two-time Ironman finisher, has run more than 20 marathons, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and successfully completed Marathon des Sables – a 7 day race across the Sahara desert in Morocco, considered to be the most difficult foot race in the world.

In 2010, Scott swam across the English Channel.

In 2011, he completed naseba7, 7 Ironman triathlons in 7 consecutive days across the 7 Emirates of the UAE.

He is an avid collector of Cuban cigars and boasts one of the largest personal collections in the world.

Scott has lived outside of America since 1994; living for significant periods of time in 9 countries; has travelled to more than 100 countries and speaks French and Japanese.

He currently lives with his family in Dubai.