• so many nice people, but too few deal makers in our soft, cushy world today.

    October 15, 2018

    Earlier this year, one of our international competitors, an American company’s HR director applied to Naseba, and met with Sophie.

    Although I respect the company and what they have achieved over the years, their culture and style of employee is not for me … so I told Sophie I wasn’t interested to meet the guy.

    …but, she liked the man and persuaded me to meet him.

    The person in discussion is a great guy, obviously successful in what he does and we had a long, enjoyable meeting.

    I explained, “I am looking for dealmakers.”

    To give him an example of what I was talking about….

    I told him about one of my all-time favorite employees who added massive value to the company and brought lots of business … and in a word was “dynamic.”

    That employee is surely one of the biggest deal makers who ever worked for me….BUT he wasn’t in sales – he was the marketing director named Liam.

    Liam didn’t just look at his job as a 9-5 … but he seemed to embrace it like very few others.

    He (constantly) discussed with me new ideas on how to improve, better push the message to create more opportunity …. he is the one who got me to start a blog.

    Again … I tried to explain to the man I was meeting that Liam was not in sales, but his input and dynamic, deal-making style (unquestionably) brought sales — but also challenged other managers and leaders in the company to do their roles better.

    From my experience, the world is full of talented, nice people … real nice people, but most people we meet or interview don’t want success, in the same way, I want success.
    It doesn’t make them a bad candidate, but just not for Naseba.

    We are NOT looking for people who just want a job and a visa …

    We are looking for people who will put their hearts into what they do, and do their role (whatever that role might be) to the fullest of their energy and potential.

    I gave him another example about the Dubai office manager, an energetic, make it happen young woman named Dani … who might not be in sales, but her style and way of working are that of a deal maker.  She is very much a deal maker.

    And I gave him another example of someone on our operations team, Sasi … who is not in sales, but in my eyes, he is a huge deal maker because his work ethic and style of making things happen combined with his positive attitude has a big impact across the office.

    I gave him several other examples of non-sales staff who are deal makers

    I reiterate –  for me the “deal” in the discussion is not necessarily a contract or new business … it’s the passion to put your heart so much into your role, that you create new ideas on how to do it even …

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