• naseba group’s Naru Capital. opens an office in Chicago

    November 12, 2014

    A few weeks ago, we opened an office in Chicago which will serve two purposes for us – to source great business cases for our Naru Capital. investor meetings which we host in the Middle East, India, China and Singapore – but even more of interest to the company (and me personally) is finding/having access to great American talent to help us expand in other regions; and due to the financial crisis of the past several years, there are a lot of great talented Americans who have the same core values as us looking for an opportunity.

    Within the first 4 days of the office being open, a new employee from Chicago hit his target for the month, and then two weeks later he did it again. Remarkable.

    Nic Watson (who is British) is the one in charge of North America for the company, spent a couple months in Chicago working with the Sales Director getting the office set up and opened, told me how nice it was working with Americans … because of their positive, make it happen mentality; how dealing with Americans (at least the ones he interacted with) anything seems possible.

    He pointed out that America is the only country in the world where everyone grows up believing they can become the President one day … and surely, this belief has been the key to the countless stories of people starting from the bottom and making incredible success happen.

    But I worry that the make it happen spirit America is famous for is going to be crushed by this “selfie” obsessed pop culture which is dominating the country today. …

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