• a large attractive naked woman and the art of achieving non achievement

    March 10, 2016

    I have to say it again…

    We are constantly hammered by meaningless nothingness that adds zero value to our lives, yet it commands our attention and distracts our focus.

    Early this week, someone who has achieved nothing except becoming famous for being famous, or something like that… posted a photo of herself on her twitter account, with some poorly written smug comment about not knowing “like what to wear…” and because this person is a social media star, her naked photo commanded headline news around the world.

    Even Time magazine’s site, CNN and surely many other “news” sites excitedly focused their headlines to this person’s naked twitter photo.  There was even a section on CNN talking about what other “stars” had to say about the photo.

    And because of all the attention the star in discussion received, she got more “likes” and “followers” … and her marketing net worth increased – which was the only reason she “like posted” that photo anyway.

    She achieved by doing nothing.

    The day after all of this excitement … Under Armour launched their marketing campaign featuring Michael Phelps in a video that even the losers out there would have to agree the message in the video is exceptional.

    It goes without saying … Whether you are a swimmer or not, surely, many people who have viewed this new Phelps Under Armour video are reflecting on their own dreams; and/or reflecting on their goals that haven’t been achieved yet … and, I think it’s safe to say hundreds of people, ideally, thousands of people have been positively impacted just by watching this video.

    There is nothing positive that can be gained from the social media star’s naked twitter photo.


    Yet, this young woman commands the attention of millions.

    Don’t allow all this nothingness to distract from where you want to go.

    I understand the Under Armour video is focused on promoting their brand, and to be honest, this weekend I will purposefully, go to the Dubal Mall and buy Under Armour products because of the respect and enjoyment I gained from watching their Phelps video.

    But putting the commercial angle and focus of this Phelps Under Armour video aside …

    Watch the video and consider the achievement, and what it takes to achieve.

    And the achievement I am referring to is not that of Phelps, but of the person who achieves their dream and goals in life.

    Don’t sit back waiting for your life to happen.

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