• do you have the ability to delay gratification?

    June 21, 2014

    6:15am this morning, over a strong black coffee in an empty cafe near my home in La Turbie … I read an interview on FT. com by one of my favorite FT writers, Henny Sender.

    It was an interview that Henny did with the billionaire Chinese investor, Zhang Lei.

    One of the last comments Zhang Lei said to Henny in the interview is something that really hits home.

    ““You need to have the ability to delay gratification,”

    Although the article was focused on his investment strategy, I don’t think he is referring just to his investment approach.

    Do you have it?  The ability to delay gratification…?

    I’d like to think I have it, but in many cases I have proven not too.

    “You need to have the ability to delay gratification” is obviously, one of the keys to long term success.

    And it’s so easy to talk about delaying gratification…

    I think of the many times that I missed out on achieving something big because I focused too much on the short term gain … whether it be training for an endurance challenge, or focusing on my core strength, my diet, or at work, even a business deal.

    Something as simple as a diet … and going all the way to the end of it rather than stopping when we are almost there; because it’s easier to enjoy the success at hand rather than continue the final push to the summit.

    I am in good shape, but I am not 82 kg which is my goal for my cycling.  The quote in discussion hits home a lot with me because I can relate to it in many ways, and even as something as silly as my diet … I am the same weight today as I was when I graduated from high school, but still not at my ideal weight for my endurance cycling.

    Each time I get focused on my diet, and shed the body fat, I enjoy the gratification … and then lose site of the 82kg goal.

    Unquestionably, focusing on the instant gratification … yes, helps get the quick win, and enabled me to feel good and or achieve, but I see clearly, how I could have maximized the achievement if I continued to climb, instead of stopping to enjoy the view.

    The quote of the week:  “You need to have the ability to delay gratification”  Zhang Lei…

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