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    October 15, 2017

    Last Friday night, I was meeting a close friend for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Dubai, “Jean George.”

    I have not seen this very close friend for a while, so I was really looking forward to the evening.

    I was in my big Silverado pickup truck stopped at a traffic light, enjoying a nice cigar, listening to music and looking forward to my dinner when the car next to me crashes into my truck.  Ironically, we were at a stop light and no cars were moving, the guy just drove his car right into my truck as if he was turning left.

    To be honest, the first thought that came to my mind was “ you f….ing idiot” and I had this jolt of anger; I really wanted to get out of my truck and punch the guy in the face a few times.  I was so annoyed because i knew my evening was ruined.

    Since we were in the middle of one of the busiest roads in Dubai, we had to pull over on a side street to call the police and wait until they showed up (protocol in Dubai for any type of accident).

    When I got out of my truck I expected an apology or at the very least some type of remorse from the man who hit me, but the guy, a man from India said in a thick accent, “why you ran into me..”  [sic] I wasn’t even moving when the crash happened (I was stopped at a red light) when this guy hit me; his ridiculous lie nearly made me lose my temper.

    But …

    For the past several months, more so than ever before in my life, I have focused on being positive and thinking positive thoughts whenever I face anything negative – and this focus on positivity and trying not to think anything negative about anyone or anything has had a big “positive” impact on many things in my life.  Rather than losing my temper, I just closed my eyes for a few seconds until I felt more positive.

    So we are standing around in the heat (I am in a 3 piece suit) waiting for the police to arrive to do the report and I cannot leave until that happens.

    Luckily, my assistant Tom was nearby so he came to help me.

    When Tom arrived, the man who hit my car became very emotional and began to cry.

    He explained in his broken English that it’s a company car that has a 1,200 aed ($330) deductible for any accident and how he can’t afford this payment or the police fine he will get for causing the accident.

    Tom told him in a very stern tone that this will teach him a lesson to be more careful next time and we all just stood around waiting for the Police.

    Finally, two hours later an Emirati policeman arrived and was very warm and friendly towards me. Given that I was …

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